Sample Model Question Papers Free Download PDF. MBA - I Semester Paper Code. SCOPE AND MEANING OF ACCOUNTING 1 1.1 Introduction 2 1.2 Need and Role of Accounting 2 1.3 Meaning of Book-keeping and Accountancy 3 1.4 Accounting — Science or Art 4 1.5 Definition and Explanation of Accounting 5 1.6 Users of Accounting 7 1.7 Scope/Branches of Accounting 8 1.8 Systems of Accounting 9 1.9 Objectives/Advantages of Accounting 10 BASIC ACCOUNTING FOR MANAGERS, Oxford, Delhi, 2007. Accounting For Managers Question Papers Pdf. ANS: D, 24) Which of the following is not a real account? Accounting for Managers Question paper.pdf - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The above is the summary of what is contained in the Financial Accounting past questions and answers in the PDF file below. All answers here are correct, you can as well make references to your Financial Accounting text books should you have doubts as regards any of the answers. Accounting Standards as used in CICM’s own learning materials for this unit. Understanding the principle of Accounting makes understanding the subject much easier. MBA Financial and Management Accounting MCQ. (a) Assets = capital + liabilities (b) capital = assets + liabilities (c) liabilities = assets + capital (d) assets = liabilities – equity ANS: A, 27) A system where a separate cash book is maintained for small payment is ____ (a) single entry (b) imprest (c) float (d) reimbursement ANS: B, 28) An analytical cash book is used to ___ (a) indicate sources of cash received (b) categorise petty cash payment (c) separate cash and bank balance (d) analyse amounts due from debtors ANS: B, 29) The sum of money given to a petty cashier out of which small payments are made is called (a) bonus (b) loan (c) advance (d) float ANS: D, 30) A rent of 250,000 was paid by John to his landlord by cheque. Anybody is very welcome to use the questions. Full file at To imbibe the student with fundamental understanding of managerial accounting and how it assists an organization's manage-ment team in the overall management process. Past Exam Papers This page allows access to pdf (and some Postscript) files of. If he sent a cheque for N500, UTC would send him a (a) credit note (b) debit note (c) journal voucher (d) way bill ANS: A, 15) Books of original entry are used for (a) recording business transactions (b) the adjustment of accounts (c) reminding the book keeper to-post transactions in the ledger (d) informing the bookkeeper about the state of affairs. >> DOWNLOAD FINANIAL ACCOUNTING PAST QUESTION AND ANSWER -PDF DOCUMENT. (a) business entity (b) realization (c) going concern (d) dual-aspect ANS: A, 11) A payment of cash of N20 to John was entered on the receipt side of the cash book in error and credited to John’s account. 1st Semester MBA (Dec-2013) Question Papers. Read our answers to the latest accounting questions asked by users of Below are the list of Financial Accounting questions and answers and the PDF download link. full Answers along with questions of … (a) sales (b) purchase (c) discount received (d) interest received ANS: B, 26) Which of the following is the basic accounting equation? 201,3 I Jan.2Ol4 Accounting for Management 'r). Financial Accounting is one of the core subjects for Senior Secondary school students in commercial classes. (b) Cash: N40. Anybody is very welcome to use the questions. General approach. Accounting for Managers Paper - MP-103 Time : 3 Hours . Past Exam Papers. Company has policy to depreciate at 20% on cost for the office equipment. This question paper must not be removed from the examination hall. After Watching For More Admission Updates. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. sANS: A, 12) A sales Day Book is used for recording___ (a) credit sales (b) sales returns (c) hire purchase (d) cash sales ANS: A, 13) A trial balance is usually prepared by an accountant from account balances in the ledger for the purpose of (a) classifying in the ledger (b) testing arithmetical accuracies of the ledger account balance (c) identifying the balance sheet items (d) providing a basis for establishing the accountant’s competence. Home - Financial Accounting Exam Past Questions And Answers – PDF Documents. Past Exam Papers This page allows access to pdf (and some Postscript) files of. Since the Financial accounting questions all have answers attached to them there would most likely be no need for questions, however, we still entertain questions and your inputs on the subject matter via our comment section below or our contact us page so we can keep udating this contents and adding new questions and answers as they come. (a) John: N40 Dr, Cash: 40 Cr. 01.04.2012. Scholars have always advised students that past questions and answers are best made use of after reading thoroughly, questions and answers are used as a metric to test your strengths and identify your weaknesses on a particular subject and work on them. It is one of the most feared subjects after Mathematics. Accounting for Managers Paper - MP-103 Time : 3 Hours . This download link will take you to the full document containing close to 100 Financial Accounting past questions and answers. (a) cost accounting (b) management accounting (c) financial accounting (d) data processing ANS: C, 7) The assumption that a business has perpetual existence is recognized by___.