Ready to take the leap? The distorting presets can be used to instantly turn your ordinary video into extraordinary. The AE template comes with 20 ready-made presets that you just simply have to apply to your text and 3 basic presets which you can use to create creative animation using versatile controls. This template is so versatile it can be used for a massive range of video projects and businesses. Copied. Copy link to clipboard. Want to add 2 text layers, just drag-and-drop. You can’t. Reveal your text in the most exciting and snazziest way possible with the Wipe Text Transitions effect. Use it for intros and outros, commercials, or any other video production project that you are working on. If you’re creating a tech-related video or Sci-fi film project, the Hi-Tech Logo reveal is perfect for your needs. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to install After Effects presets downloaded from the Internet. Drag and drop the preset on the duplicate layers. The template works great for all kinds of creative work – fashion photography, events video, or music video. The Camera Lens Logo is perfect for photographers and filmmakers, or anyone making behind the scenes videos. Maybe this will help. If you select the elements you want to apply the new stroke and fill to you should be ok. Motion Shapes And Animated Elements. This AE template brightens up text in elegant animation styles. motion shapes and animated elements template contains 50 animated shape elements that you can use them for your explainer videos, 2d animations and intros. In addition to animations for trippy effects, you also get 8 sound presets. I notice that the Animation Presets and not available with the Effects and Presets section. Modern, flat, and elegant animations for your next team presentation. Based on the Universal Logo indent that appears in front of all their movies, this stunning recreation allows you to create a significant impact from the first frame of your video. Fine-tune the animation by adjusting and experimenting with the preset parameters and creating a customized animated text. The AE template presents to you a whopping 700+ set of animations including creative and simple animations to typewriter and bounce animations. It can even be used to create lyric music videos. For music videos, online content creators, or events organizers, the Neon Logo Reveal could be what you need. This is why we present to you the incredible Dynamic Text Presets. Join a community of the best animators, motion designers, editors and filmmakers to get exposure and earn more business. Collaborate in realtime and get approvals in no time! 10 Free After Effects Type Animation Presets - This is a set of 4K type animation presets. Over 13262 files added in the last 30 days. The fast and flashy animation works perfectly with the glitchy text effects, making an eye-catching logo indent. Nailing this effect is pretty easy with the Distorted Glass AE template. Now that you have downloaded After Effects animation presets and decided which one to use and how to implement using tutorial – but so have so many others. If you are working with a client or creating a logo indent for someone else’s business, it is important that you keep their brand and image in mind. Your short films, movie trailers, YouTube videos, and even Facebook videos will never look the same again. Copy link to clipboard. Adobe® After Effects® and Premiere Pro® is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. After Effects > Saving animation presets of a shape group; Highlighted. Pop culture popularized this sort of effect. Copyright © 2013 - 2020 Motion Array.All Rights Reserved. Step 4: Adjusting The Parameters of Animation Preset. Will apply a new group to a shape layer that contains only stroke width, fill color, and line cap data. These unique animations will elevate any video to a professional level. Part 1: 16 Most Impressive and Popular AE Animation Presets, Part 2: How to Use Animation Presets in After Effects, Part 3: Tips for Taking Your Videos a Notch High With After Effects Animation Presets. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie videographer or a battle-scarred filmmaker, you can put your video production on autopilot and keep your peers wondering with these killer presets for 2020. Choose from myriad typefaces, animated text styles, and flaming colors. The Cinematic logo is an incredibly simple logo animation, but it is this simplicity that makes the template so versatile. They are easy to implement and have a range of animations to choose from. Similarly, edit the remaining layers too. The neon colors and video game-style animation make this composition both striking and unique, sure to grab your viewer’s attention. Create a fun and interesting opening for your Youtube videos with the Colorful Animations Logo. What’s more, you ask? The final effect looks like a sticker of your logo placed in a 3D environment; the subtle camera movements and stoke animations make this composition super versatile and easy to use. But your video can instantly become engaging and exciting when the text is paired with audio and a matching tempo. with unique transitions and effects. An After Effect logo template is a premade AE project, which you can customize with your own logo, text, and colors. If you select the individual properties that's all you will get. Introduce your upcoming video project using the sensational Twist Text Animator. In fact I want to save the stroke and fill: and be able to apply them on all other groups BUT I want them to keep their path. To use animation presets and create customized animations, follow these steps: To add a custom animation preset, go to – Documents/Adobe/After effects/User Presets, copy and paste the preset files, and restart After Effects. Sometimes the only thing keeping your motion design from being over the top is a simple shape element.While these elements are usually pretty easy to create, it’s still great to have some simple pre-rendered elements to drop into your project.. To help with your future motion graphics projects, we’ve put together a collection of 35 exclusive drag-and-drop shape video assets.