Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Required products:. Add the rest of the ingredients; oats and optional extras. Peel the bananas, then mash in a bowl. I very quickly updated, tested and shot the photos for this recipe in preparation for the brand new Eats Amazing Live Cook-Along sessions that I'm starting later this week. Mix the milk with all the other products you have prepared so far, add a spoonful of honey. Optional extras (see alternatives below): Preheat the oven to 180°C (Gas mark 4/350°F). These oatmeal ideas are perfect for hectic mornings when you want to hit out early or get your kids ready for school. Note: Once completely cool, these cookie bites can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days. Don't forget to join us over on the Eats Amazing Facebook page where we'll be cooking this recipe live! Lay out 10 silicone muffin cups on a baking tray. Stir well until ingredients are completely combined. If you love soaking your oats overnight rather than cooking it, then you should try out our banana and PB recipes. Click here or on the picture below to download the PDF file to print out your copy. ». Pour the syrup into a bowl with a non-stick coating and place on the stove. Oatmeal should not be powdered, let the pieces feel. Oats, chia seeds and cinnamon are mixed together with some mashed banana, milk and peanut butter resulting in an ultra creamy and naturally sweet oat breakfast. Please do comment below and let us know! It continues ... All rights reserved © ThisNutrition 2018-2020. As this recipe is designed for the kids cook-along, I've created an extra child-friendly recipe sheet with simpler instruction for your child to follow. In place of the desiccated coconut and/or chocolate chips, try any combination of the following ingredients, up to a combined weight of 50g total: There really is no limit to the number of cookie flavours you can create with this recipe, but here are a few suggested flavour combinations that work really well: What is your favourite flavour combination? Your email address will not be published. Peel the bananas, then mash in a bowl. This is not entire article. « How to Make Marshmallow Bunnies - Fun Easter Treat, Introducing NEW Eats Amazing Live Cook-Along Sessions for Kids! I loved this banana oat cookies. For more details of all of our upcoming live cook-along events, along with links to all the recipes we'll be cooking, head over to the Eats Amazing Live Cook-Along page for the most up-to-date information. How To Cook Clear Chicken Soup With Spaghetti - Recipe, How To Cook Vine Sarma With Nuts, Minced Meat And Bulgur - Recipe, THE EATING ORDER – FOOD SEQUENCE IS IMPORTANT, ECHINACEA – THE IMMUNOSTIMULANT YOU DON’T KNOW, Carnation Instant Breakfast Nutrition Label, 7 Food Combinations That Can Ruin Your Day, RISKS AND BENEFITS FROM THE CONSUMPTION OF ANTINUTRIENTS, Calories In A Bowl Of Panera Chicken And Wild Rice Soup, ALL ABOUT DETOX: HOW TO PURIFY THE ORGANISM, How To Cook Oatmeal Stir With Strawberries, Bananas And Honey - Recipe. This banana oat cookies recipe is easy to customise and has just two essential ingredients with no eggs, flour or dairy needed! If you couldn't make it to join us live, don't worry, the videos is now available to watch here on the Eats Amazing Facebook page, so you can cook along with your kids in your own kitchen at whatever time suits you best! Remove from the oven and leave to cool for a few minutes until the silicone cups are cool enough to handle. Pour the smoothie into a suitable glass and serve immediately. 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Delicious recipe. Last modified 24/08/2020. Check out the Eats Amazing Live Cook-Along page for full details. will join in and cook along with us. Love this simple recipe?