It is the best pizza stone for grill use. When using the Big Green Egg pizza stone in a Big Green Egg, you do need to have the convEGGtor accessory as well. Customers tend to find that this is a high-quality choice, allowing users to get a lot of use from it without having to worry about breakage. Look for these key factors: The Big Green Egg pizza stone is a high-quality ceramic grilling stone that claims to evenly distribute heat while pulling moisture away from the dough for an evenly cooked, crispy pizza. It truly makes for an easy way to get delicious pizzas without having to worry about tipping the delivery person. They offer both round and rectangular options in a few different sizes so that you can get exactly what you need. Is the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone Right for You? Like all pizza stones, the Big Green Egg pizza stone can be used for more than just cooking pizza. CastElegance is a company dedicated to selling service, not just products. It’s limited to use in both conventional and convection ovens and will crack if placed under high temperatures. Amazing Homemade Pizza also participates in affiliate programs with ShareASale, and other sites. As a result, you’ll be able to use these options on the grill as well as in the oven. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. If you know what you’re doing with the Pampered Chef pizza stone, you will be able to make nice pizzas on this stone, even if only in the oven. Don't lose faith in your homemade pizza-making abilities just yet—the difference between the slices you savor at your favorite pizza joint and the pizza pies you're crafting at home may have nothing to do with the pizza recipe you're using, but with how you're cooking up your pizza. As a result, you’ll be able to easily make pizzas while you’re on the go. However, because of the large number of reports of cracked and broken Pampered Chef pizza stones resulting from using it in higher heats, pre-heating without pizza on it and inconsistent cooling, we can’t recommend this pizza stone to anyone who is planning to use it frequently. For those who need to feed a lot of people, it’s a great choice due to the size, allowing it to make larger pizzas. Amazing Homemade Pizza is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. What good is a crispy crust if the dough at the center of your pie is undercooked? Breakages can occur with this stone, whether it’s due to shipping or higher heats. Most regular pizza stones that seem strong are actually quite brittle and can easily be chipped or shattered when being transferred from one surface to another. It was a close run thing though to be honest and each of the stones above have their merits. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. This stone is 16 inches in diameter, so it will fit easily in your Big Green Egg cooker or similar round cooker. This will help your pizza stone for bbq to get nice and hot. This is one pizza stone that is very hard to go wrong with and it was our favourite. Selling a premium product is what we do, but our ultimate goal is to provide service to our customers that reflects on our ideals of treating customers as if they were our family. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Do you like to hear an audible crunch when you bite into the crust of your pizza? Among all these options, the ShamBo Pizza Stone is the most highly rated. It’s designed to fit into Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate so that it firmly stays in place while grilling. To help you make an informed decision when buying a new pizza stone for your grill, we’ve done a thorough comparison of the best 4 grilling pizza stones that are currently available. For us, this alone distinguishes it as being far ahead of the competition which all do report some limitations in terms of using over direct, high-heat as you’ll be doing when cooking a pizza over the grill or in an outdoor oven. It was a close run thing though to be honest and each of the stones above have their merits. Delish editors handpick every product we feature. Superior heat retention – If you’re grilling pizza over a wood-fired or charcoal bbq, you’ll benefit from a grill stone that readily picks up and holds heat so that your cooking times are less affected if the heat of your fire drops off. The large stone is great for use by both amateur cooks and the experienced, professional enthusiasts. Because of this, the Cast Elegance pizza stone is ideal for using on the grill or in an outdoor pizza oven where the temperature will be significantly higher than your indoor oven (although you can use it inside too). A 14-inch stone is also available. Flame-top ceramics like this one can actually be used on an open flame (A.K.A. It comes at a fantastic price, offers a heavy-duty, reliable design and is very versatile. All you need is a little dough and you're good to go with this set. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. It offers a diameter of 13-inches, so you’ll be able to make pizzas that are decently sized. Email: However, because this brand is so well-known and loved, you can expect to pay more than usual for the Big Green Egg pizza stone. This mini pizza stone is perfect for an evenly cooked pie that's on the smaller side (10 inches or less in diameter). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Clay, ceramic, cast iron, steel and cordierite… There’s a lot of different types of pizza stones out there and while a quality stone will help you turn out professional quality pizzas, a regular stone will only leave you with burnt crust and undercooked cheese. Furthermore, it’s an option that is very convenient to use, working for a variety of different foods. The stone makes a valuable gift for a loved one or friend. Durability – Even if you’re careful, outdoor cooking (especially when you’re asking your guests to help out), can be a little rough. lose faith in your homemade pizza-making abilities, Episode 8: Seasonal Cooking at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Slicing Pizza is So Easy With These Pizza Cutters, 8 Turkey Fryers For A Deliciously Deep-Fried Meal. Furthermore, this stone is made from cordierite, which allows it to stand up to higher heat very well compared to other options. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. It can also be used on your gas grill or in the oven. Sometimes this stone is thinner than expected. We may earn commission from the links on this page. Pizza Stone for Best Crispy Crust Pizza, Only Stoneware with Thermarite (Engineered Tuff Cordierite)… Thirteen-inch cordierite pizza stone? This stone is made of cordierite, which is the best material for pizza stones intended for the backyard grill. You can use it for baking bread, scones, cookies and much more aside from pizza. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Walmart Is Having Three Black Friday Deal Events, 7 Subscription Boxes For Every Type Of Chocoholic, The 9 Bubbliest And Sweetest Moscato Brands, Here Are 7 Oat Milks That Actually Taste Good, The Best Costco Black Friday Sales To Expect, All The Best Deals From Target's Black Friday Sale, Chrissy Teigen's Cooking Line Is On Sale Now, The Best Zodiac-Themed Gifts For Your Kitchen, Your Complete Guide To Amazon's Black Friday Sale, Napoleon Personal Sized Set Pizza Baking Stone, The Ultimate Pizza Stone for Oven & Grill, Pizzacraft 16.5" Round Baking/Pizza Stone. Stainless steel long-handled pizza peel to get your pie out of the oven? And, because it doesn’t give off any nasty smells when new or need any sort of seasoning, all you need to do is take it out of the box and cook your first authentically grilled pizza! If you’re looking for a versatile option, then the ShamBo Pizza Stone is a fantastic choice. However, the Pampered Chef pizza stone is NOT suitable for use on the grill! It also retains heat, so the pizza will bake evenly, without hot spots, and it can handle high heat in your grill. You see, your oven at home probably can't reach the same temperatures as a commercial oven in a pizzeria. Available in a range of sizes to suit all types of Big Green Eggs, Capable of handling the high heats required to grill pizza, When used with the Big Green Egg convEGGtor accessory, this bbq turns into a stone pizza oven where the radiant heat cooks from the top down as well, Pizza is fast to cook, generally taking between 5-7 minutes at 480°F, Regular users of the Big Green Egg pizza stone report that they’re highly durable and last years if cared for properly, This stone is thick and heavy which allows for good heat retention for faster and more even cooking, If being used in a Big Green Egg bbq, you must also have the convEGGtor accessory to create the indirect heat you’ll need to grill pizza on your stone, You can only fit one appropriately sized Big Green Egg pizza stone into the Big Green Egg bbq at a time, Many claim that the Big Green Egg uses a lot of charcoal when grilling a pizza, The Big Green Egg pizza stone and convEGGtor must be left in the grill to cool down after cooking pizza at high temperatures, The thickness and heaviness of this stone means that the Big Green Egg pizza stone does take longer than some to heat up, Some report that this stone does crack if exposed to direct high heat, The cordierite made Weber pizza stone is designed to handle high temperatures of a grill, It’s effective at transferring the heat for a crispy base, The Weber pizza stone comes with a metal carry rack to make transporting it easy, Available in 2 sizes to fit in a variety of grills, Lightweight pizza stone that’s not durable enough to handle lots of use in an outdoor pizza oven or grill, A slightly longer cooking time of between 7-8 minutes has been commonly reported, Be careful if using the metal carry rack on the grill itself as it becomes very hot, When used in conjunction with a Weber bbq, you do need a larger grill otherwise there won’t be enough space to physically move the Weber pizza stone away from the direct heat of the charcoal, When used in conjunction with a Weber bbq, some claim that it’s difficult to get the air temperature above the stone hot enough to satisfactorily melt the cheese.