Every piece of industrial brewing equipment or wine making equipment on your list is available through our online store. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Primary & Secondary Fermenters/Carboys: These can be made of plastic or glass, with both having pros and cons to using either one, and are used for the fermentation of your wine. Secure Checkout & Quick Shipping! Outfit your new tank with the industry’s best quality gaskets, fittings, and valves including must-have wine making equipment like butterfly valves and sanitary ball valves. IBC Transport Container, Plastic Tank Vent - Variable Capacity Tank. Our 56-page Home Winemakers’ Catalog is loaded with quality products to help wine hobbyists make their best wine ever. Every piece of industrial brewing equipment or wine making equipment on your list is available through our online store. All Above Wine Kits are Top Choice Sterile Must - "No water added here". Other products are offered in different sizes and quantities (larger of each priced at the wholesale prices). We don't make you go to different websites for different products. The GW Kent stock of commercial wine making equipment and wine making supplies are both unsurpassed in quality and price in comparison to any competitor in the industry. These juices typically arrive in mid to late summer and are available while supplies last. Created by Digital Design Solutions. GW Kent carries everything to complete your list of industrial brewing or commercial wine making equipment needs. In search of wine making equipment? With precise temperature control and customized design, your hard work comes to fruition in our vessels. Every piece of industrial brewing equipment or wine making equipment on your list is available through our online store. Produce wines that will be enjoyed for generations with premium winemaking equipment from Heritage Equipment. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. One of our Mueller Transportation trucks loads up with all the hand-crafted, … Simply fill out our credit application. From grape destemmers to corking machines, GW Kent is sure to have what you need to fashion your professional winery with the most efficient equipment in the industry. In addition, GW Kent carries an array of sight glasses sure to meet the need of your commercial wine making supplies list, like the Sight Glass TC, Vista Sight Glass TC, Sight Glass with Protector TC, Tank Top Mount Sight Glass with Light TC, and Processing View Sight Glass TC. Ease of Use: Everything you need is in one place! In customized or standard vessels we have the size or shape to meet any of your wine capacity demands. Double Barrel Racks - used equipment • 4 hours ago. Randy joined PIWC in May 2014 and brings with him over 25 years of sales experience in industries such as insurance, technology and commercial real estate. Most of our equipment is from Italy and is top quality. Both catalogs feature extremely low prices and products from world renowned growers and manufacturers. Select from the commercial wine making equipment inventory of corkers and corker/cagers, wax dipping machine, screw capping machine, and more for the perfect seal to keep your product fresh in one of GW Kent’s wine bottles - cork finished with bottle neck opening of 18 mm for standard wine cork. Stainless Steel Ball Lock Quick Disconnect, Stainless Steel Beer Keg Coupler - D System (American Sankey), Stainless Steel Coupler Filling Head, D system (American), Stainless Steel Double Diaphragm Pump 1", Stainless Steel Double Diaphragm Pump 1-1/2", Stainless Steel Double Diaphragm Pump 2", Stainless Steel Half Rack Floor Base Barrel Rack, STAINLESS STEEL HYDROPRESS 42 GALLON (160 L.), STAINLESS STEEL HYDROPRESS 66 GALLON (250 L.), Stainless Steel Low Profile Double Barrel Rack, STOUT, NITRO COFFEE FAUCET - STAINLESS STEEL, SUPERKLEAN HOT & COLD WATER MIXING STATION, Supreme Conical Bottom with Cooling Jacket Tank, Thomsen #5 Sanitary Centrifugal Pump with VFD, Thomsen #6 Sanitary Centrifugal Pump with VFD, Variable Capacity Slope Bottom Jacketed Wine Tanks, Variable Capacity Wine Tank with Dual Jacket & Side Manway, Washdown Hose ID 3/4" x 50 ft. with fittings, Yeast Propagation Keg System 1/2 bbl. WINEMAKING SUPPLIES FROM PROFESSIONAL WINEMAKERS SINCE 1964. Thanksgiving Holiday Closing on Nov. 26th & 27th, 2020. Making good wine is complicated. From vineyard to bottle, a winemaker’s touch and the equipment they use can impact quality. We are proud to partner with these legendary wine brands that are proliferating good taste and healthy economies around the globe. Choose from granular oak powder, oak chips, oak barrel sticks, and oak stave tanks inserts. Fermentation tanks are designed for both red and white wine with dimple jackets and manway doors for easy removal of must, and an open top for punch down operation. latest used equipment. GW Kent has a full selection of kegs in every size: five gallon, six barrel, ¼ barrel, and ½ barrel as well as assorted oak barrels for both wine … Paul Mueller Company HeadquartersMissouri, USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East:+31 (0)88-6830000. Everything is in stock and ready for pickup or shipping. We carry a full line of wine making equipment for commercial wineries and the home wine maker. Presque Isle Wine Cellars has been a leader in the winemaking supplies business since 1964 as well as being an award-winning winery. Industrial Brewing & Wine Making Equipment | GW Kent, 85 gal. The sale is our way of saying thank you and helping them in their growth goals. Premium Fresh Juices from Chile are also available in early Spring. At GW Kent, you will find everything from barrel racks to brite tanks, wine fermenters to heat exchangers. In this section you will find every piece of commercial wine making equipment you need to fashion your facility including cellar equipment and supplies, control and monitoring items, fittings and valves, filtration machines and supplies, grape processing equipment, ingredients, tanks and fermentors, and packaging equipment and supplies to put your product on the market. Our catalog of wine making supplies is priced to meet the needs of the commercial winemaker, providing everything commercial wineries need, from the crusher de-stemmers to the bottles the wine is ultimately placed in, and everything in between. GW Kent also offers a broad selection of wine making equipment including winery fermenters, processing equipment, wine tanks and barrels. We also carry premium quality Australian Juices sourced from the Murray-Darling Region that are aseptically packaged and are exceptionally stable and shippable. Whether you’re getting an operation up and running or if your existing facility is ready to grow, there are some pieces of equipment that you simply have to have.