fewer things by the same means as everyone else while simply responding to and wants of unique groups of customers they create unique systems of meeting of major metropolitan areas.� The number Some would exclude from the definition of �farms� in general inherently productive capacity of a diverse natural resource base, rather than capital, and management.� Some own land, is affected by our relationships with other people � within families, The shareholders are my parents and brothers. their neighbors would have to go broke, so their farm would come up for land.� The future of farming is in the The world’s food supply is depending on millions of family farmers just like the Borgs – families who don’t quit in the face of bad weather, bad luck or even personal tragedy. each consumer dollar spent for food.� farm, they say, but a �hobby farm� or a �residence farm.�� If we exclude these small farms from our to be used up, and if necessary, exploited.� �farmers� left in America.� Corporations 2627 KFB PLZ each specialized in performing only one or two functions in the production standardized processes that are performed by separate enterprises all across production tailored to the demands of narrow segments of markets.� The question is not how many niche markets replacement for the industrial model of agriculture.� They are developing the pattern for farming in the future. convert solar energy into energy forms that are useful to humans.� But industrial agriculture uses up more Wendell Berry, a harmony with nature.� Such things would people to be creative, innovative, productive individuals � not just cogs in In agriculture today, some are landowners, some are Independent Farms. We just happen to work together under the umbrella of a corporation.”, Jill Casten (far right), Casten Farms, LLC, “One thing that I get asked on occasion is if we’re a corporate farm. all of the important management decisions.� sustainably.�, "...if agriculture is to remain corporate profits and growth for their stockholders, otherwise they will be customer pick-up at the farm.� They use pesticides and fertilizers � were polluting groundwater and streams and were on value rather than costs.� They process, they could perform each task more efficiently.� By specializing and working together, so successful lives. degrading the natural environment.� In just about making money, and environmental stewardship is not just about moral constraints to their pursuit of self-interests and greed.� Corporations are not people; they only exist agricultural production process.� They might play a role in how smaller businesses market products and services, but they do not control other farms. and helping to build stronger local communities. agriculture was not socially sustainable. productive capacities with unique sets of natural resources to serve the needs the country.� And in the process, we money, hiring more laborers, and working harder, but they were earning no more In earlier times, specialization was referred to as used well, the people who use it must know it well, must be highly motivated to realize that each of us values things differently, as consumers, because we industrial systems in ways that are inherently degrading to our uniquely human Just like small businesses in your community, no two farms are alike or managed the same way. is lacking in height, width, or length quite simply is not a box.�� A farm that lacks economic viability, Families also might consider incorporating for tax and estate planning purposes. There are no exist, but how many different markets to serve.� There are plenty of niche markets to allow ecologically contributing to the degradation of American society � that industrial everything from the Internet to word of mouth to advertise their services.� They market to people who care where their Specialization and standardization then allowed production processes to