If any sentence contains the word “as and while” the this immediate verb should be change into past continuous and the any other verb in the same sentence is to be changeb into past indefinite . 48.yesterday l (see) him in cinema. Your father is sleeping now . If sentence contains helping verb ‘has been” have been”had been”then “vl (lng)”form is used. She (watch) tv now A museum was a building 31.he (lean) against the door and (listen) to the wireless when l (try)to speak to him. 60.they (meet) me yesterday . 31यदि वाक्य के आरम्भ में रिक्त स्थान हो तथा उसके बाद कोई helping verb (is/are) हो तो 1st form of verb + ing का प्रयोग होता हैं |, Rule No. यदि वाक्य में by या by the end of के साथ future time हो तो Future Perfect Tense का प्रयोग होता हैं |, Subject + will have/shall have + 3rd form of verb + object. 46.he (look) for the letter for the hours , but (not find) it yet. The bell _______ (ring) before I reached school. do/would you mind...,  can't help...,etc. In general, but not a rule, the verb 'spend' is followed by a verb with -ing form. If the sentence contains (to be).then helping verb i .e is ,am,are,was,were,has,have,had,is used accordingly. 56.if he works hard next year, he (pass) the examination. ago 32. he(smoke)five cigarettes a day. Example: 22.he (drive) very fast . Do You Miss The “Good Old Days?”. Ram Kishore is interested in writing stories. 7.the tide (go) out half a kilometre since we (arrive). (2006). If any sentence contains the following words : if any sentence contains the following words. (5) yet Then we use present perfect tense. 3. Examples : Mustaqeem (to be)sutding in is room. 2.he(come to college tomorrow. You (check) four papers so far. 51.look! She had a headache yesterday. We play Cricket every Sunday, Tariq sometime (taken) tea in the evening If you work hard, you will succeed. I (not learn) yet, What do you miss most about the ‘old days’? You have checked four papers so far. Online printable verb tenses exercises for ESL/EFL students and teachers: Several fill in the blanks exercises and multiple choice quizzes to help you learn and practice verb tenses or to print for classroom use. English ... Verb forms exercise. 64.l(read)a book when he (come) in. 21.lt(begin) to rain just as we (leave) the house(2007). Correct Use of Verb Exercises With Answers for Class 6 CBSE – English Grammar 1. if any sentence contains the following words. 2 when you (call) me. If you (work) hard. We (drive) a car at the movement. 27.he told me that he (finish) the letter already. (2013) 6. by the end of the month l (finish)my job. If knew him, l would tell you. regularly Ans. I bought some fruits yesterday. 50.l (sell) my motor-bike yesterday . यदि दो वाक्य When से जुड़े हो तथा एक वाक्य में  Simple Past Tense हो तथा दुसरे वाक्य में since के बाद point of time तथा for के बाद  period of time हो तो since/for वाले वाक्य में Past Perfect Continuous Tense हो सकता हैं |, Subje3ct + had been + 1st form verb + ing + object. 28 यदि वाक्य में lest तथा उसके बाद Subject तथा फिर रिक्त स्थान हो तो Should + 1st form of verb का प्रयोग होता हैं |, Rule No. all their tears to make a room 39.l(go) to Lahore two years,he ago,but l(not be) there since. 52.the bus (turn) a corner when a private car (crash) into it. a) verbs in the infinitive with to are used after: try, promise, agree, choose, forget, learn, want etc. In such case contact us with link of that particular educational material, we’ll remove it on urgent basis. Verb Form Exercises With Answers. Tariq is taking tea. People are forgetting Zainab case now, Assignment Listen! better than others, sometimes people have to cry out Listen ! Already Sentence of the day kiya yeh sach hai? I haven’t found anything yet. 17.l (read) half a dozen books since Sunday. यदि वाक्य में get तथा have verbs का प्रयोग causatives के रूप में हुआ तो निम्न सूत्रों का प्रयोग करते हैं |, Subject + get/have + object (doer) + to + 1st form.