By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Moreover, cucumbers contain fiber, which helps regulate bowel movements. Placing cucumber slices in your mouth can help you to get rid of bad breath by eliminating bad-odor causing bacteria along with eliminating the formation of microbes, which can also lead to oral health complications and gum disease. Eating it whole or juicing the vegetable can reduce the occurrence of breast, ovarian, prostate, uterine and lung cancer due to the presence of flavonoids such as fisetin and caffeic acid. This article looks at the science. Water is crucial to your body’s function, playing numerous important roles (7). One 11-ounce (300-gram) unpeeled, raw cucumber contains the following (1): Although, the typical serving size is about one-third of a cucumber, so eating a standard portion would provide about one-third of the nutrients above. They may look innocuous but this marvellous vegetable offers more than mere hydration. It also helps lowers the pressure in arteries and keeps them hydrated. Here are 7 evidence-based health benefits of drinking water. So what more excuses do you need? Here are 10 reasons to try it. Cucumbers improve brain health One of the less-researched cucumber benefits is brain health. Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber and Mint-Infused Water, 11 Probiotic Foods That Are Super Healthy, 7 Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water, Drinking Pickle Juice: 10 Reasons It's All the Rage, 7 Benefits of Cucumber Water: Stay Hydrated and Healthy, 19 Water-Rich Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated. Reduces the risk of skin inflammation and cleans blemishes. Antioxidants such as beta carotene in cucumbers can help fight free radicals in your body, unpaired electrons that damage cells and can lead to disease. However, the current evidence is limited to test-tube and animal studies. 2. ‘It’s intended as a defence mechanism against herbivores, but is a phytonutrient that works against inflammation, microorganisms, and even cancerous tumours within humans,’ she adds. Eating cucumbers may lead to many potential health benefits, including weight loss, balanced hydration, digestive regularity and lower blood sugar levels. Netdoctor participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Being dehydrated can negatively affect your body and brain. He is a specialist fitness writer that can easily craft pieces which are both informative and easy to read. In combination with many of the benefits of cucumbers as above, here are a couple other cucumber benefits that will be good for the health of your body, and others: 1. Read our 12 healthful benefits that prove once and for all that cucumber is more than just salad filler: Despite being low in calories, cucumber has plenty going for it on the nutrient front – specifically in its peel and seeds, which are the most nutrient-dense part of the fruit. Furthermore, the high water content of cucumbers could aid in weight loss as well. But when it’s chronic, it can damage healthy cells, leading to serious health issues like heart disease and certain cancers. A review by Qassim University concluded that cucurbitacins may help prevent cancer by stopping cancerous cells from reproducing. It’s high in beneficial nutrients, as well as certain plant compounds and antioxidants that may help treat and even prevent some conditions. Extreme climatic conditions have left us dehydrated and exhausted, but this vegetable really helps to combat dehydration as it is 90% percent water, which keep the body hydrated and flushes out many hazardous substances, providing some of the most essential nutrients your body needs. Mayo is a popular condiment for sandwiches and often used as a base for salad dressings and sauces. A whole cucumber contains around 13% of your recommended daily intake of potassium. Eating fermented foods with live probiotics can have powerful benefits for your body and brain. In fact, oxidative stress caused by free radicals has been associated with cancer and heart, lung and autoimmune disease (4). The rich amount of magnesium, fiber and potassium makes cucumbers useful in maintaining the right blood pressure – which should not be too high or too low.