See, they don’t play around…dragons are the real deal. 1.) It may be scary to confront this but you have the power to overcome these attachments. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Jeremiel’s is deep eggplant purple. SMH I say to myself “be that light…”, read the description! Call upon Yogananda for guidance on your own spiritual path, as well as help in developing your meditiation and yoga practices. This card is equivalent to the 7 … Start typing and press Enter to search. As you can see I am a big fan of these cards but whether you will be is an other matter, I always refrain from making definite recommendations as one mans treasure is another’s trash, however even as an experienced reader I found the inclusion of the chakra cards gave me a deeper insight when reading even with other decks. Oracle decks are used for similar purposes to Tarot cards, but have varying numbers of cards - from as low as 20 to as many as 144 - and may be based on any structure or any topic. Black indicates a feminine energy of rest, peace and calm, which enables the wisdom to come forward. I feel so called to explore my past lives just to see…kind of like watching movies, if that makes sense…just (to me) more entertaining. You never know what you will receive if you do not reach out. Now is not the time to be indecisive. Hmmm…) I’m thinking it represents a multiplication…in terms of abundance, since citrine is associated that way and that was my intention when adding it today…just the energy of abundance. In actuality, everything is designed down to the smallest detail, to be in perfect operation. The best way to integrate your intellect, emotions, and actions, believe it or not, is through play. I find the imagery on this deck exquisite the use of colour is wonderful as is the balance of dark and light in the cards, this is obviously intentional as Mr Holland has included an explanation of the symbolism of colour in the guidance book. Yes, really. Create a free website or blog at Listen to your heart’s truth Congratulate yourself — you have passed a test. Thank you universe. The more you let go, the more you develop new ways of doing things and the universe recognises these efforts. So. Definitely seeing some repetition in the message here. time for you to address tasks with discipline and focus, The black dragon will give you focus, concentration, determination, awareness and the ability to plan and stick to a routine where necessary. This is another of my favorites although I have not learned to use it to its fullest potential I think. Pretty cool tho. He is in overall charge of the base centre, where we hold fifth-dimensional spiritual discipline. (Interesting…this reading is all about ME.) It is time to celebrate your success and step forward with discipline, as well as with joy and bliss.”. If you answer these questions with a yes, then the results of your own self-deception will begin to affect you emotionally. Are you trying to stick it out in a loveless relationship? I used these cards because I love them. You may be unsure as to whether you have what it takes but you must do what is necessary. You will probably be aware of your own unhappiness in a situation and burying your head in the sand is not going to help. There are a couple of ways to play. Number 7 also relates to the attributes of mental analysis, philosophy, technicality, scientific research, alchemy, genius, a keen mind. Your current changes are for the best Keep your thoughts positive, as they’re very powerful. The 7 of mental truly is a fascinating card and somewhat more  visually descriptive than traditional Ryder Waite tarot. This may be a time to focus on relationships whether it be with family, friends or partner. Deception And Envy is a card that is connected to being cunning, sneaky and underhanded. Psychic Tarot Oracle: 5 of Spirit: Obstacles and Challenges equivalent of 5 of rods.