99 Et parce que nous adorons vous faire plaisir, nous avons même prévu des coupons pour rendre votre achat encore plus avantageux. PathFindIR lets you see clearly, night and day, in good weather and bad, without being blinded by the glare of oncoming headlights. al Imaging Camera 19mm The H-Series are portable shock-resistant thermal imaging cameras. An improved eyepiece display takes full advantage of the high resolution thermal core, 5x magnification, and InstAlert hot object highlighting. Top Produit Flir Thermal Camera Flir pas cher sur Aliexpress France ! mount and easy to integrate into your existing electronics, MD-Series outputs standard analog video that can be easily displayed on almost any monitor at the helm or other locations on the vessel. It`s even submersible. The device also offers a wide rubber eyecup with wings for comfortable contact with your face and to prevent leakage of light. FREE Shipping by Amazon. FLIR ONE Pro - iOS - Professional Grade Thermal Camera for Smartphones - with VividIR and MSX Im… Superior Thermal Vision. FLIR Camera. ClearCruise™ provides audible and visual alerts when "non-water" objects such as boats, obstacles, ornavigation markers—appear in the scene. Exceptional low light performance from the M300C gives captains enhanced awareness once the sun dips below the horizon. Product Description FLIR ONE Pro LT has the p. ower to find hidden problems faster than ever. Simple to mount and easy to integrate into your existing electronics, MD-Series' display can be mounted separately on your dashboard, or the feed can be integrated into an existing display to save space.Now even small boats can see clearly at night with the MD-Series Fixed Mount Thermal Night Vision Camera from FLIR.Fast-moving crafts will appreciate the enhanced long-range performance of the MD-625 camera with a high-resolution 640 x 480 thermal imager and 25mm lens. The robust, weatherproof (IP67) housing of the Scout III 640 weighs only 340 grams, but can withstand impacts and shallow water. The FLIR Duo Pro R combines a high resolution, radiometric thermal imager, 4K color camera, and a full suite of on-board sensors to bring you the most powerful dual-sensor imaging solution in the world for small commercial drones. The MD-Series is an affordable, compact, fixed-mounted thermal night vision system that helps with Whether you're a professional or just focused on DIY projects, the FLIR ONE Pro LT has the powerful features you need at an affordable price. Product Description Product Details FLIR ONE, Pro is an attachment that connects to the bottom of mobile devices via lightning connector. On the right side you will find a short mounting rail, compatible with many optional FLIR adapters, to attach the monocular to headgear or firearms. FeaturesCX Series Pouch CaseHolds & Protects C3/C2 Thermal CameraMade of Durable NylonZipper ClosureSpecificationsColor: BlackCompatibility: C2 and C3 Compact Thermal Imaging CamerasMaterial: NylonClosure: Zipper, For continuous condition and safety monitorin. Your Price: $7,594.00 USD: Availability: 3 Days: Qty: Quantity. Outstanding imaging performance, intelligent object recognition technology, and enhanced gyro-stabilisation make the FLIR M364C and FLIR M364-LR indispensable tools for law enforcement professionals, commercial mariners, and serious recreational boaters.Elite Awareness with Advanced Multispectral ImagingThermal and visible imaging featuring FLIR Colour Thermal Vision and MSX.High Definition NavigationLow light HD visible imaging sensor and long-range zoom offer enhanced target identification.A Steady View in Rough SeasTwo-axis mechanical stabilisation virtually eliminates the effects of pitch, heave, and yaw. Affordable, Professional Thermal Imaging Tools. The ability to capture thermal and visible-light detail allows Colour Thermal Vision (CTV) technology to offer a more complete view of what lies ahead. Multiple lens options available: Choose the 19mm lens with 24 degree field of view (and its optional 2x optical extender). N’allez pas plus loin! Equipped with a 65 mm lens, providing a 7° field of view, it allows the user to spot a man-sized target at a distance of up to 1.5 kilometer. Don't worry, we have some options to help you find what you need: Visit our 6 category for similar products. By providing thermal images to help you find hidden problems along with accurate temperature measurements, an Ex-Series camera is the ideal budget-friendly replacement for old-school IR thermometers. Using internal electronics and a 1280 x 960 Quad-VGA FLCO display, you can view or save high-contrast images and enhance them with FLIR's own Digital Detail Enhancement feature with seven color palettes to choose from. Exciting, entertaining and smart - read about popular products and trends, get Black Friday tips and be notified about new exclusive offers and promotions every week. Designed to hold and protect your camera, the pouch is made of durable nylon and closes with a zipper. Price is no longer an issue. Rugged design: All-weather design is built to withstand the demands of day-in, day-out law enforcement operations.