Wishing you a happy early birthday so I don’t have to remember it later. The activity could focus on a single skill such as cooking, but each time, the dish or meal involved should be different and one that is not familiar to the celebrant. Thank you to all who posted kind birthday wishes. Remember when 50 seemed old? For example you can joke “My back goes out more often than I do.”  Another can take a dig at your wallet with “You would have loved the gift I couldn’t afford to buy you.” Check out this awesome collection of 100+ funny birthday wishes for friends with hilarious images. Make a dramatic entrance at their home and place of work, and make sure to perform a heartfelt rendition of the birthday song. “Happy birthday, friend! I don’t care either. You have reached the age where all compliments will be followed by “for your age.”. Your email address will not be published. In your case, there are no such problems. 2) Forget the present, I didn’t get you one. Napoleon must have been in command since you were separated from your mother. You should be proud of your age. Stop counting the candles and start thinking about your wishes. The best birthdays of all are those that haven’t arrived yet. You are truly an inspiration. Alternative 2020 Article ➤ 16 Uplifting Quotes About Being Happy With Life, Love, Friends, Family and Yourself. Better to be over the ground than under it. You may not be over the hill yet, but you have a great view. Happy birthday to a sister who has the best sister in the world. Your age. Some of the content is copyrighted to Geckoandfly.com and may not be reproduced on other websites. I know the secret to retaining your glory as you age – don’t pick out your grey-hair, it’s a crown of glory! You have transcended all the hassles. Just sayin’. On the fireplace? The person that is now one year closer to arthritis! Make sure to have a birthday tiara, sash or vest for the celebrant. To know if you have any good buddies, turn off your own birthday notification, tell Facebook not to remind your friends and observe the number of wishes you will be receiving. You know you’re getting old when you walk up the stairs and call it exercise. It is older, but not better! Tonight, we will celebrate the birth of the oldest of the old! It has been scientifically proven that too many birthdays will kill you. You must be one of the wisest. I’d bake you a cake today if I knew how to use an oven. Happy Birthday! Read our Privacy Policy for more information. Funny Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend Dear Friend, on your birthday, I am most grateful that you know all of my faults but you withhold your judgment. So far, this is the oldest I have ever been. The first mark of aging appears when you start forgetting things. Then I realized, having me as a friend is the best present anyone could ever ask for.” 253. Thanks. Aside from the usual magic tricks that can be performed using items you already have, make sure to have a gag for the grand finale that involved making a birthday cake appear, disappear and appear again. “Happy birthday, friend! I hope these Birthday wishes put a smile on your face! Having friends never has been more awesome! I will have the fire extinguisher ready in case your birthday cake gets out of control. Thanks for keeping all of the adults busy with your antics when we were kids so that I never was punished! 1066, 1492, 1776, and…your birthday? Two secrets on your Birthday: 1) Forget the past, you can’t change it. But when my wife has a birthday, she takes a year or two off. If we made any mistakes, email us, we apologize in advance. May my friend on this special day be able to set all the jealous people on fire and use the flame to burn the candles and blow them off with a happy smile, a very happy and amazing day to you. Do a magic show just for your friend. 10 Funny Ideas to Wish Happy Birthday to a Friend – 10 Ways to Stage a Birthday Intervention for Maximum Fun Dress up as a superhero, and be the first to greet your friend for the special day. Men age like wine, women age like cheese. Just imagine the things you’d want to hear on your birthday and assume I said them. Another year for your back means another year that won’t suck. I searched far and wide to find you the perfect present. Three guesses who! Pope John XXIII thought that men are like wine. Happy 24 hours of constant Facebook notifications day. 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With age comes wisdom. We can only hope! Wishing you many more candles and a cake big enough to fit them all on. Usually people at your age freak out when they hear their selves called an old man. Friends also smile if the humor is directed toward yourself. Find the best messages and cards for every occasion. Funny Birthday Quotes to an Older Friend. I’m touched. Last week, the candle factory burned down. Happy Birthday! Anyway, here are 33 funny birthday pictures and images for your very good buddies on Facebook, share and tag them. If you know your friend well and his or her sense of humor, then what’s a bit too much should be easy to spot. Historically, gifts were given to the friends of the birthday boy. All the best! My friend got me a fossil. Looking fifty is great – if you’re sixty. Happy birthday! Another year, another new place that aches. WishesQuotes > Birthday > Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends, The Coolest Collection with Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends, Funny Birthday Cards and Memes for Friends, 10 Funny Ideas to Wish Happy Birthday to a Friend – 10 Ways to Stage a Birthday Intervention for Maximum Fun, Cool and Crazy Collection of Funny Birthday Messages, Check Out the Best Collection of 1000+ Happy Birthday Wishes, Birthday Memes with Funny Cats, Dogs and Cute Animals. I mean, you still have plans to make kids right? There were a lot of famous people born on your birthday. You don’t agree? I’m an old-fashioned kind of guy, but don’t feel that you’re under any pressure. Happy birthday! Happy Birthday! You’re welcome! Check out these top articles, we believe you will find them useful, use Google Translate for other languages. Right …old man? Do share them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. May you live as long as you want to, and want to as long as you live. You’re the perfect example. Old enough to know better…young enough to still do it. On your special day, I wish you peace, love, insight, relaxation, fun, knowledge, romance, friendship… and all that stuff that doesn’t cost anything. It is always to nice celebrate the birthday of your loved ones with nice and meaningful quotes that will make them feel that they are loved and cared for. Do you remember what that used to feel like? They say that friends have brains that are so in sync, they share the same thoughts. So many candles, such a small cake. Thanks to all who posted birthday wishes to my Facebook page and making me look more popular than I really am. How many friends’ birthday can you remember without being notified by Facebook or some other social media? And I’m sitting here, trying to figure out whether you want vanilla or strawberry in your ice-cream. Happy Birthday. As an alternative to the private concert idea, get your friend’s kids or husband to perform for the birthday concert. Happy birthday to someone I think about almost as much as I think about myself. It reminded me of someone who has a birthday today. As another year passes by, another part of your body starts to fall apart.