I didn’t say your brother will be one with you. I prefer to refer it to false doctrine, answering to "persuasion" ( Galatians 5:8 ). When we really think, we’re arrogant enough to believe, we even know what we need, much less what we ought to do; when that attitude steps into our life as believers you’re going to wound people like you never believed. Every place that your bare foot steps upon it’s yours. Flesh and Spirit war against each other. It’s one or the other. “Indeed, indeed.” Are you free this morning? The final characteristics that describe Christ’s love is His self-control. That act of hostility, the first one that Paul mentions, outbursts of anger. I’m so glad you’re asking. Now Paul uses this word as a warning. The identification of "the natural (Greek, 'animal-souled') man," with the "carnal" or fleshly man ( 1 Corinthians 2:14 ), shows that "the flesh" expresses human nature as estranged from God. But down here on this earth my main responsibility is not to produce anything. Three things that I want us to see that I think will help us. This is so interesting to me. And the question that comes to my mind is, what’s going to be next year? And probably he went there to make those tents for the people who were coming in for the Isthmian games. We are to be executioners, dealing cruelly with the body of sin, which has caused the acting of all cruelties on Christ's body. But the active voice means that the believer has actually participated in the action by some kind of choice. The sensual deception of the flesh. No one who abides in Him sins; no one who sins has seen Him or knows Him.” And I think it’s interesting here, “No one who abides in Him [habitually] sins. But it also leads us into this superstitious understanding of worship which has nothing to do with the Word of God. And what goes on in here can be fabricated if we’re not careful. And is there a deep inner peace and a sense of wellbeing to know that this is God’s will and you’re being about what God wants in your life? By this the children of God and the children of the devil are obvious: anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor the one who does not love his brother.”, Now, Paul has the exact same thought that John had in his epistle over in 1 Corinthians 9. Exodus 3:5, burning bush. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '.google-analytics.com/ga.js'; And he goes on to finish his thought. You look left, you don’t look right. I mean, it looks to me like you’re still a slave to somebody. They don’t know anything and they’ll argue about everything. I’ve asked God to forgive me. He is telling the Galatians that How do you know? Galatians 5. He said, “From obeying the truth.” See, that’s your walk, that’s your walk, obeying the truth. They weren’t seekers. You see, the flesh will deceive us when it comes to worship. demonstrates it to be a proper antidote against unrestrained license to sin The word “speculation” is dialogismos. You say, “Wayne, give me a good example of that.” Well, if you’ll just hang on we’re going to get to chapter 6 soon, and he’s going to give you all the examples you’re going to ever want. Did immorality get into the church? He said “Be filled with the Spirit over here.” That’s right. No way. What impresses Me is the internal love you have for one another, the oneness of the body of Christ. before he first met Peter (Cephas) and James. God always wants to show mercy. Understand that it doesn’t just happen. “Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law or by hearing with faith?” In other words, was there any single act of obedience that you did other than bow before Christ and trust Him that somehow won for you your salvation? And then fourthly, we’ve also learned from our last study that the flesh has an intense agenda, but one who obeys the Spirit of God will not see that agenda accomplished. The reason so many believers—and I’ve done it and you’ve done it—have bought into the flesh is because there’s a side to it that’s very deceptive. In Acts 5:16 Luke records, “Also the people from the cities in the vicinity of Jerusalem were coming together bringing people who were sick or afflicted with unclean spirits and they were all being healed.” Watch: “But the high priest rose up along with all of his associates, that is the sect of the Sadducees, and they were filled with jealousy.” And look what they had to do. Only God can produce the good that He requires. Please see our Privacy Policy for cookie usage details. You see, flesh is flesh. Anything but Jesus. Romans 4-6. But the child produced by Sarah and Abraham was by faith; therefore it was acceptable to God. You see, this is the trap we all fall into. They are doing his work, they’re dividing, they’re dividing, they’re dividing, they’re dividing by what they say and by how their jealous of one another, hateful and hostile. Remember he was kicked out of heaven. Boice on have crucified: “The verb is in the active voice and points rather to what the believer has himself done and must continue to regard as being done.”, iv. And then the upward excellence of that love manifests itself in that faith to believe that God’s doing it and the beautiful aspects of His character in your life. Worship’s not an event, worship is a lifestyle. It says in 1 John 3:4, “Everyone who practices sin also practices lawlessness; and sin is lawlessness.” He means practice habitually, a lifestyle.