"image": "https://s.bariatricpal.com/uploads/monthly_2019_03/C_member_359945.png", "@type": "Person", By } Started the process for Bariatric surgery 11-18-2020. So it will hit your gut like a punch or it could! "url": "https://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/427175-full-liquid-diet-recipe-broccoli-and-cheese-soup/", "author": { { } "item": { // BEGIN Polyfill in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, By "logo": "https://r.bariatricpal.com/uploads/monthly_2018_10/logo.png.13014fc8659df17527ebe62b18103bd0.png", //setInterval(function(){googletag.pubads().refresh();}, 75000); "datePublished": "2019-08-06T01:39:28+0000", }; "@type": "Comment", Things are overwhelming when looking at it in sum at the moment. } else { ips.setSetting( 'emoji_cache', jQuery.parseJSON('"1"') ); This was quick, easy and helped with craving home cooked meals. fbq('init', '1518864288430229'); "position": 1, "interactionType": "http://schema.org/CommentAction", Lack of Bowel movements after MGB surgery. message_imgURL: "", .complete .visely-recommendations-container, .visely-recommendations-title.complete { opacity: 1; } ", "target": "https://www.bariatricpal.com/search/?q={query}" "headline": "Full Liquid Diet Recipe - Broccoli and Cheese Soup", "url": "https://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/427175-full-liquid-diet-recipe-broccoli-and-cheese-soup/?do=findComment\u0026comment=4801462", "item": { } }, 10/26 Surgery! Oct 26, 2018 - www.lsl.com | The World`s #1 Most Visited Video Chat Community - Free Live Sex Video Chat Any ideas? }, If this diet is not followed, then surgery may be delayed or canceled intra-operatively (during the procedure). $(targetElement).toggleClass(className); .visely-recommendations-container .complete { min-height: 400px; } googletag.enableServices(); "query-input": "required name=query", mapProvider: 'none', { .visely-pagination ul { width: 100%; display: table; table-layout: fixed; background-color: #e3e3e3; margin: 0; padding: 0; } }, var targetElement = 'html'; BypaSSSed, October 23 .visely-recommendations-container .product__prices { padding-bottom: 10px; } googletag.defineSlot('/15547294/BP_Sidebar_125x125_SQ4', [125, 125], 'div-gpt-ad-SQ4').addService(googletag.pubads());googletag.defineSlot('/15547294/BP_Sidebar_300x250_S1', [300, 250], 'div-gpt-ad-S1').addService(googletag.pubads()); "@context": "http://schema.org", I do like the butternut squash or cauliflower idea better. "@type": "InteractionCounter", } else { in PRE-Operation Weight Loss Surgery Q&A, By × 1 package of Bear Creek Potato Soup Mix }, fbq('track', 'PageView', {"item_id":427175,"item_name":"Full Liquid Diet Recipe - Broccoli and Cheese Soup","item_type":"topic","category_name":"Gastric Sleeve Surgery Forums"} ); Anxiety is through the roof today. "author": { Cuz this is a whole new world you are learning. "interactionStatistic": [ It would absolutely send me to dumptown in about 30 minutes.\n\n\n\n\tI love the idea of the soup, but using potato flakes = instant potatoes = highly bioavailable sugar is not the way to do it. "alternateName": "en-US" .visely-recommendations-container .product__title { margin: 10px 10px 0px; min-height: 60px; color: #2a6496; font-weight: 900; } }, window.addEventListener('load', function() {viselyForumInit();}); antiCache: "6eb6316ff1", } var className = classModifiers[0]; "itemListElement": [ However, it's cold af here today  (0°C) and I've forgotten to take my primaloft shorts for additional isolation. }); googletag.pubads().collapseEmptyDivs(); "userInteractionCount": 726 } var targetElement = classModifiers[2]; mlmx1138 Why different diets from different doctors? "userInteractionCount": 7 Bariatric Surgeons: Want to research a weight loss surgery surgeon? .visely-pagination { text-align: center; clear: both; }   Your previous content has been restored. var detectDevice = function(){ var grabPageWidth = $('body').css('min-width'); return parseFloat(grabPageWidth, 10); } !function(f,b,e,v,n,t,s){if(f.fbq)return;n=f.fbq=function(){n.callMethod? Sep 14, 2020 - WLS Liquid and Protein Shake Recipes for the early weeks after Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Switch or Gastric Band surgery. Follow this liquid diet for 2 weeks, until you come in for your 2 week post-op visit. "postalCode": null, \n\n\n", { var ViselyPage = 'index'; return(number>0?1:-1)*Math.floor(Math.abs(number))};var maxSafeInteger=Math.pow(2,53)-1;var toLength=function(value){var len=toInteger(value);return Math.min(Math.max(len,0),maxSafeInteger)};return function from(arrayLike){var C=this;var items=Object(arrayLike);if(arrayLike==null){throw new TypeError('Array.from requires an array-like object - not null or undefined')} Cuz this is a whole new world you are learning. There should at least be a cup Anyone interested in a surgery buddy/support group? in General Weight Loss Surgery Discussions, By csrfKey: "9628c865dfaac5a622eb55270e5b09f3", ] ips.setSetting( 'remote_image_proxy', jQuery.parseJSON('1') ); "name": "BariatricPal", I mixed some Unjury Chicken Soup flavored protein powder into it to up the protein and that was even more delicious! googletag.defineSlot('/15547294/BP_Sidebar_300x125_SR1', [300, 125], 'div-gpt-ad-1492190093745-0').addService(googletag.pubads());googletag.defineSlot('/15547294/BP_Post_468x60_P1', [[468, 60], [320, 100]], 'div-gpt-ad-P1').defineSizeMapping(mappingT1P1).addService(googletag.pubads());googletag.defineSlot('/15547294/BP_Sidebar_125x125_SQ1', [125, 125], 'div-gpt-ad-SQ1').addService(googletag.pubads()); .ipsLayout_sidebarright .most-popular .visely-recommendations-container > div > div {clear:left;} }, of decaf fluids every day to prevent dehydration. mamavet51 Got my new gravel bike yesterday and I want to take it out for a ride. function debounce(func, wait, immediate) { var timeout; return function() { var context = this, args = arguments; var later = function() { timeout = null; if (!immediate) func.apply(context, args); }; var callNow = immediate && !timeout; clearTimeout(timeout); timeout = setTimeout(later, wait); if (callNow) func.apply(context, args); }; }; @media only screen and (min-width: 384px) and (max-width: 767px) {} "url": "https://www.bariatricpal.com/profile/122209-klm1648/" 2Bsmaller18 "@type": "Language", function viselyForumInit() { .cycle-2 img {-webkit-animation-duration: 6s; animation-duration: 6s; -webkit-animation-name: fade2; animation-name: fade2; } "@id": "https://www.bariatricpal.com/forum/988-weight-loss-surgery-forums/", __attentive_domain="bariatricpal.attn.tv",function(){window.__attentive={invoked:!1,show:function(){this.invoked=!0}};var t=!1,e=function(){if(document.readyState&&!/loaded|complete/.test(document.readyState))return void setTimeout(e,10);if(!t)return t=!0,void setTimeout(e,50);var n=document.createElement("script");n.setAttribute("async","true"),n.type="text/javascript",n.src="https://cdn.attn.tv/loader.js",((document.getElementsByTagName("head")||[null])[0]||document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0].parentNode).appendChild(n)};if(document.readyState && /loaded|complete/.test(document.readyState))e();else window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load",e,!1):window.attachEvent("onload",e)}(),window.__attentive.show(); n.callMethod.apply(n,arguments):n.queue.push(arguments)};if(!f._fbq)f._fbq=n; var ViselyIntegration = 'external'; "dateCreated": "2019-08-06T14:54:39+0000", .visely-recommendations-container .product__image img { height: 100%; width:100%; object-fit: contain; display:none; } "dateCreated": "2019-08-06T01:47:01+0000", cachedDevice = newDevice; } } "url": "https://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/427175-full-liquid-diet-recipe-broccoli-and-cheese-soup/?do=findComment\u0026comment=4801464", // BEGIN Widgets configuration .visely-widget-container:before { content: 'small'; display: none; } ips.setSetting( 'ipb_url_filter_option', jQuery.parseJSON('"none"') ); In order to reduce the amount of fat around the liver and spleen, a preoperative liquid diet must be followed 7-14 days before gastric bypass surgery. ips.setSetting( 'emoji_style', jQuery.parseJSON('"native"') ); // Hide post controls if empty var messageDate = new Date(); "type": "SearchAction", ips.utils.cookie.set( 'topBarClosed', 'true', messageDate.toUTCString() ); ), Other Types of Weight Loss Surgery & Procedures. shawnt, September 24 "streetAddress": "", googletag.defineSlot('/15547294/BP_Sidebar_125x125_SQ3', [125, 125], 'div-gpt-ad-SQ3').addService(googletag.pubads());