Ce sera la première fois depuis la saison 1 de Supergirl (avant de passer à The CW) que l’une des émissions de Berlanti à DC choisit de tourner à Los Angeles. NEXT: Green Lantern Will Realize The Arrowverse’s Full Potential. Ayant déjà abordé l’univers de Green Lantern avec le film de 2011, le producteur de télévision / film occupé a maintenant une nouvelle chance de jouer avec Emerald Knight et de le faire à sa manière, contrairement au film de Ryan Reynolds. With those opportunities presented, Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps could take a similar path by taking place in the same universe. The idea that Green Lantern would focus on multiple timelines helps them amplify their storytelling methods. Even if the film hasn’t progressed too far in the last few years, it definitely seems like Warner Bros. is not giving up on the duo’s feature film. Something that Green Lantern benefits from is the fact that they'll likely be filming a lot inside studios with a lot of green-and-blue screens, given that it's a heavy sci-fi series. With casting underway for some of the characters like Guy Gardner, Green Lantern is starting to come together following its series pick-up. This was confirmed in Crisis on Infinite Earths after the new Multiverse was revealed, including the reveal that Green Lantern is taking place on Earth-12. The highly anticipated show will break new ground for DC TV as it'll be the first show to take place in space, mostly. Bienvenue ! If Warner Bros. is going to these lengths to introduce pretty much every famous Green Lantern in live-action, then Kyle can't be far away. 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By letting the Green Lantern mythology be fleshed out within both projects, it makes it more organic to eventually get to those bigger comic arcs. A huge detail that they also disclosed was that the HBO Max drama will actually be filming in Los Angeles. A possible scenario would be that Kyle is actually already out there on his own adventures but ends up facing something that forces him to bring together the other Lanters. With the two projects’ respective line-up established, how could they ultimately connect? Those two are some of the longest-running and most beloved Lanterns in the entire mythology. Sinestro et Kilowog. In addition to his work as a reporter, Andy co-hosts The Flash Podcast, Titans Podcast while running the entire DC TV Podcasts network. Greg Berlanti, mieux connu en tant que créateur de l’Arrowverse, fait passer son entreprise à DC au niveau supérieur. While it’s early in the process, HBO Max has given fans a better idea of what they should expect with their Green Lantern series. Ever since Arrowverse's Crisis event brought together two Flashes of different worlds, the idea of DC’s films and TV shows somehow connecting is more possible than ever. However, given that the TV show is on a major platform like HBO Max, could the two projects somehow be connected? La première saison comprendra 10 épisodes, avec Seth Grahame-Smith attaché en tant que showrunner. One of the most highly anticipated DC TV shows in the near future is Greg Berlanti's upcoming Green Lantern series that will give the Arrowverse creator a second go with the Emerald Knight. While it’s early in the process, HBO Max has given fans a better idea of what they should expect with their Green Lantern series. The French Sherlock Holmes Parody Explained, Ready Player Two Ruins The Original’s Hero (By Copying Dumbledore), Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square: Every Song Ranked From Worst To Best, Doctor Strange 2 Theory: Alternate Universe Superheroes That Can Appear, Sony Blocked Seth Rogen Using PlayStations In Sony’s Pineapple Express, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. To an extent, that's not a huge surprise. The Green Lantern TV Show Is About Other Green Lanterns. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. NEXT: All 7 Upcoming DC TV Shows on HBO Max. Even with someone like Sinestro, his origin story could be told via Alan’s days as a Green Lantern while in the present he’s an antagonist to the trio. More details will likely begin to emerge as casting starts to roll out. But given that they’re not part of the TV show’s line-up, that might indicate that the DC film is still alive to some degree. Un des avantages dont bénéficie Green Lantern est le fait qu’ils filmeront probablement beaucoup dans des studios avec beaucoup d’écrans verts et bleus, étant donné qu’il s’agit d’une série de science-fiction lourde. The show recently took a huge step forwards as HBO Max, after announcing its development in late 2019, gave Green Lantern a series order. As part of his overall deal with Warner Bros. TV, Berlanti is set to produce a number of DC shows for the new HBO streaming service, starting with the upcoming Green Lantern series. Since Green Lantern Corps is reportedly going to "reimagine the team," it already sets up a way for the TV characters to join them down the line.