It seems to be doing fine, but that's all I can tell you :). Dogfennel is a native, warm season, rhizomatous perennial plant. I know fennel grows better if it gets a little colder than if it is hot and humid so have any of you grown fennel sussesfully? A good method to use when harvesting is to wrap cheesecloth around the umbrel and then cut the stalk. I did cover mine last year to protect them from the coldest winter ever. Because of their natural saltiness, sea fennel plants pair especially well with shellfish. Space fennel plants 4 to 12 inches apart, depending on the variety. Did your fennel was under the 12" of snow too? If growing for seed, fennel will mature about late August. I love fennel so I wanted to give it a try this year and I have been searching online and it does mention that fennel bolts when it gets really hot. LOL. I grew it for the seed until it tried to take over my garden. They have just started showing signs of growing again now that the temps are cooler. The steps for how to grow fennel are fairly simple since the fennel herb is such an agreeable garden plant. It belongs to the carrot and parsley family and is a cousin to other herbs such as caraway, dill and cumin. I started a row of seeds at the same time as lettuce, early spring. Plant fennel in spring after the last frost. Our winter temps are 8 - 16 C so we don't get a real winter. If you cut off the blooms, it will not reseed. It is necessary to cook it briefly before eating, but a light blanching is all it takes to make an excellent side dish. Spring time was such a show !! We had that crazy day last year in DFW with all that snow. It always comes back. I will be planting more for fall.... catmad when are you going to plant them for fall? They lov eto be estabilished before the first freeze. I have only grown Fennel for the Swallowtail caterpillars to munch on. Growing Conditions for Fennel Fennel is considered either a perennial or annual herb, depending on the region where you live. Sometimes the bulbing type of fennel is referred as the "onion-fennel"...such as on this website of Seeds of Change: There are more than one kind of fennel. Wow drthor you did get lots of snow, let hope for better weather this winter. Grow them in an area that gets at least 6 hours of sun and has fertile, well-drained soil. Mine didn't bulb either. We didn't see that heavy snowfall here. Thanks!! My friend has fennel still growing from last year so heat is not a problem but humidity might be. I didn't lost anything. I remember a long time ago I planted some but they hardly produced any bulbs because it just got too hot. Thanks evelyn, mine I bought from rareseeds, it is called di firence and it is suppose to get large bulbs. I'll get back to you.... catmad I decided to start some seeds yesterday inside the house, I know from everything I read online, fennel does not like the heat so hopefully by the time it starts bulbing out it wont be so extremely hot outside, I have tons of seeds that I bought from rareseeds so worst case scenario I might have to replant some seeds later in the season. Growing Fennel. It is time now to plant FENNEL seeds in zone 8. Yes, Evelyn is correct. Be sure to take its eventual size into account at planting time so it doesn't shade the rest of your vegetables. I thkn you did right actually. The leaves are divided into several thread-like segments and are one or two pinnately divided. Okay, you've made me think. Lots of eggplants and peppers still giving me lots of fruits. I do know that it doesn't like the heat of north Texas summers, the plants I had in the ground in spring either died or stopped growing from late June into early Sept. As an erect plant, it can grow up to 3 meters in height. On the other hand, fennel seed is commonly used in cooking. I am guessing you covered it? It propagates well from seed. Usually I start things in july to plant out in August, but I don;t know if I should do that with fennel, or just direct seed, but when?? Exactly one germinated. I am starting them indoors because I have not room right now outside. Is finally cooling down here in mobile, maybe I will be transplanting my fennel this weekend if the weather holds. I actually think that they liked a little. I started my fennel in autumn (fall to you) and it's now spring and they're hearting up well. It takes about three months for fennel … Keep posting. I love fennel so I wanted to give it a try this year and I have been searching online and it does mention that fennel bolts when it gets really hot. Dthor ~ my fennel received no winter protection last winter and it shook of frost/freezing with no damage even. Maybe I should pull my lonely little bulb.... All I know is I tried growing fennel about 5 years ago, then the heat came and instead of bulbing up I ended up with lots of green and hardly no bulb at all. I am looking to grow the fennel more for the bulbs than the foliage so what would be the best method to get big bulbs? Quick Guide to Growing Fennel. I forgot you got that much snow. Fennel loves full sun and well-draining soil, though it will tolerate poor soil. This message was edited Sep 28, 2010 7:38 PM, You know I suspect the bulbs from your fennel would suffer from a really hard freeze but the foliage wouldn't. Very pretty photo at this time of year. I love rare seeds but I wish they had better instructions on when to plant seeds and transplant seeds in diferent areas. I actually enjoy the snow, especially when it will disappear the next day. Description. It’s a great option for growing in raised garden beds, containers, and in-ground gardens. All I know is I tried growing fennel about 5 years ago, then the heat came and instead of bulbing up I ended up with lots of green and hardly no bulb at all. Fennel can grow up to 5 feet tall, depending on which variety you're growing. This message was edited Sep 29, 2010 11:29 AM, Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the,, Hi I bought some nice fennel seeds from Heirloom seeds about a year ago and would like to plant them but I really have no idea when to start them from seed and or transplant them in my garden for zone 8. I never really tried fennel before until I bought it at the store to try a recipe and since then I really like it, to me it has a really nice licorice flavor and it is refreshing as well, the only problem is that it is one of those veggies that are very expensive in the store so if I can grow it and it grows well I might as well give it a try. No, I am sorry. All my flowers and bulbs really like it I divide it and on occasion, the butterfly cats prune it for me. Soak the seeds in water for a couple of days prior to planting to help speed up the germination process. How did it look after the freezing temps? drthor, I have some seedling under grow lights I guess I started them a lot earlier since I did not know about the right time to start the seeds, my plant is to transplant them out hopefully in Oct and then start some more seeds in case this first batch bolt on me. We have summer temps 38 - 45 degrees celcius not fahrenheit. So fennel bulbs are known to do poorly in the heat? I am thinking either you have to grow it early in the season, probably start it indoors and transplant outdoor when frost has passed or maybe grow it as a fall crop and just cover it if in case a frost comes your way. Also, it can inhibit the growth of tomatoes and beans, so avoid planting them near either of those crops. In this zone, mine stays in ground as a perennial. Here’s my go-to guide to growing fennel at home… Propagation. Fennel love the cold weather, but be prepared to cover if it will get really cold. Watch the seeds closely to ensure they turn brown but don't start popping off the umbrel. It grows best in temperatures that range between 21-24 degrees Celsius or low- to mid-70 degrees Fahrenheit. :) I swear that I was puling fennel roots for months. Growing sea fennel opens up a lot of culinary opportunities. Not all fennels "bulb". Ahah... that explains a lot! First you have to be sure the seeds that you are sowing are of the type that forms a bulb, as not all kinds of fennel result in a bulb. I was so worry because the snow was so heavy that my pvc pipes bent all the way down ... ouch !! Sea fennel uses in cooking range from pickling to steaming to blanching.