Enter 0 as the first digit of a 4-digit account number for Nos. •Secondary entry delay, if armed in the AWAY or STAY mode. When programming the 5819 transmitter's serial number at the control panel, do the following: 1. plate and (if used) magnet is maintained. •In addition, we recommend that radio backup be used in a security system. Some pagers, require an additional delay [pause] in order to. The 5816 and 5817 Transmitters do not have EOL supervision of their loop wiring and the loop wiring must, The 5800RL, 5802MN, 5802MN2, 5804, 5804BD, 5804BDV, 5804E, 5814, 5816TEMP, 5819, 5819S(WHS &. Carefully disconnect the ribbon cable from the front assembly, leaving the ribbon cable connected to the terminal block PC board. Instant alarm, when armed in AWAY, STAY, STAY NO DELAY, or AWAY NO DELAY mode. Before mounting the transmitter permanently, conduct Go/No Go, tests (see control's instructions) to verify adequate signal strength. The voltage reading between terminals 15 and 16 of the control must not fall below 9.00VAC. They do not send low battery signals until they are activated. 99 allows re-entry into the Expert Program mode using Installer Code (4112) + 800 or into the Voice Prompt Programming mode using Installer Code (4112) + 888. Upon exiting the Program Mode, the system will reset the volume to the default value (mid level). This LYNXR-I supports central station reporting via long range radio and internet. BATTERY INSTALLATION/REPLACEMENT Remove the shorting jumper (shunt) to disable local sounder, leaving only the external sounder active. If each transmitter produces the proper keypad response when it is faulted, you can then permanently mount each of the transmitters according to the instructions provided with them. 5804WATCH button transmitters have replaceable batteries. Each transmitter's zone number is programmed into the system in 56 mode. Note that both keypad LEDs flash while in Programming mode. Zone type 04 is usually assigned to a zone covering an entry area (i.e. Zone type 21 is a special-purpose zone type used with 5800 Series wireless pushbutton units. (2)All BR-type units must physically be activated to clear the display, since they do not automatically send check-in signals. To delete an entry in a field: Enter [ ] + Field No. •Entry delay begins whenever sensors in this zone are violated, regardless of whether an entry/exit delay zone was tripped first. •For proper intrusion coverage, sensors should be located at every possible point of entry to a home or premises. (No bell output is provided and there is no keypad timeout.). A ADEMCO 5819 SHOCK PROCESSOR TRANSMITTER INSTALLATION AND SETUP GUIDE DETAIL A 5 4 2 3 1 DIP HOLES “A” (2) COVER PRY-0FF POINT SWITCHES (SEE TEXT) ON ALIGN MAGNET CASE WITH MARKS ON AHOLDING TABLE 1 CASE AND GUIDE + POSTS SWITCH RESPONSE TIME ON MTG. Zone number is sent to the central station as a user number when arming or disarming. 1. Entry delay begins whenever sensors in this zone are violated, regardless of whether an entry/exit delay zone was tripped first. If, 4+2 format is used, the digit entered in this field will be sent, followed by the second digit of the programmed alarm code for that, zone. 4.If required, replace the tape that secures the battery pack. Enter the appropriate start and end weekend of the month. me feature is enabled in field 49 (option 6-9 or 10-13). after the system receives the RF transmission. Install a smoke detector at both ends of a hallway if the hallway is more than 40 feet (12 meters) long. For button transmitters (RF "keys") such as the 5804 and 5801, you must assign a unique zone number to each individual button used on the transmitter. Note: On button type transmitters that have been programmed to set ARM AWAY, ARM STAY, or DISARM, pressing a button will take the system out of the Go/No Go Test mode and cause the programmed action. When activated the system will dial the phone number, programmed and deliver a voice message (custom words 72, 73, and 74). Peel the backing from tape on the back plate. The keypad will beep three times indicating signal reception and will display the appropriate zone number. Usually a few inches in either direction is all that is required. No entry delay when armed in the STAY NO DELAY or AWAY NO DELAY mode. For a response time of 0.5mS, set all DIPmounting directly to a surface (holes "A" in Diagram 2), it is switches to OFF (as shown in DETAIL A in Diagram 1recommended that the mounting plate be used as described above).below, for ease in removing the unit for servicing should it 8. Press both the [ ] and [#] keys at the same time, Installer Code (4112) + 888 to enter Voice Prompt Programming. If required, replace the tape that secures the battery pack. •Install a smoke detector at both ends of a hallway if the hallway is more than 40 feet (12 meters) long. This will allow you to clearly hear the feedback announcements or system beeps in the Programming Mode, of the system’s built-in speaker. Connect the four wires to the specific Communications device as shown in the accompanying figures. : foyer, lobby, or hallway) that one must pass upon entry (after faulting the entry/exit zone) to reach the keypad. . This message will go to the primary phone no. Recommendations must be included for a specific program of frequent testing (at least weekly) to insure the system's operation at all times. This is the time to first report from programming or downloading. Temporal pulse sounding for a fire alarm consists of the following: 3 pulses – pause – 3 pulses – pause – 3 pulses. Certain features differ between the LYNXR/LYNXR24 and the. If a nonexistent field has been entered, the keypad will display “EE”. On the 5816, for example, the wire connection terminal block is loop 1,the reed contact is loop 2. time allowed, or continue until manually turned off. •Install smoke detectors in any room where an alarm control is located, or in any room where alarm control connections to an AC source or phone lines are made. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. K9232V1 10/05 Rev. AC Power Outlet Ground - Available from 3-prong, 120VAC power outlets only. Do not remove the local sounder shorting jumper (shunt). For proper orientation of the unit in relation to the mounting plate, loop wiring, DIP switch adjustment, jumper positions, and/or magnet, read all of this section before installing the unit. This option allows the user to schedule a time driven message. b. Connect the premises end of the cut RING and TIP, wires to RJ31X terminals 1 (grey) and 8 (brown), c. Wire the flying leads of a Direct Connect Cord to the, control’s phone terminals as shown in the diagram. d. Plug the Direct Connect Cord into the RJ31X jack. b.Connect the handset phone lines to either the RJ11 jack or terminals 4 (TIP) and 5 (RING). Use only the provided ADEMCO 1332/1332X10 or 1332CN Transformer. honeywell 5819-install-guide 1. n7491v5 5/08 rev. Exit Warning: Sound consists of slow continuous beeps until last 5 seconds, when it changes to fast beeps. !If a default table is loaded, any data that has already been programmed into the system will be changed according to the default table selected! House ID 00 disables all wireless keypads. The Following Recommendations for the Location of Fire and Burglary Detection Devices Help Provide Proper Coverage for the Protected Premises. Note that the hyphen may not be, displayed, depending on the pager service. 2nd digit = user number. View and Download Honeywell ADEMCO 5820L installation and setup manual online. •Install a smoke detector at both ends of a hallway if the hallway is more than 40 feet (12 meters) long. (2) If Option 5 is selected a 10-digit account number must be, Option 5 or 7 (ADEMCO Contact ID® Reporting) must be, 5 = ADEMCO Contact ID® Reporting with 10-digit. a.Connect terminal 1 to a good earth ground. may be turned off by entering it as a "UR" (unsupervised RF) type. Up to 24 wireless zones (5800 Series Transmitters), GSM Cellular Central Station Communication, Can be uploaded, downloaded or controlled via, Message Center (for user recorded messages), Voice announcement of system and zone status, “Follow Me” Reminder and System Announcements, Exit error feature (detects difference between an actual alarm and exit alarm caused by leaving a door open after the exit delay expires). Install the mounting plate, with its case-holding posts pointing up (in this example), in the location selected.INSTALLATION 5.