Incidents like chain snatching, robbery, house breaking occur almost everyday. You are a student of Vivekananda Public School, Greater Noida and your name is Vimal/Vimla. You need to go through format of diary entry as well as diary writing examples to get a deep insight of how to write a diary entry for school. You are the only male member in the house to look after your sister and mother. ABC Janakpuri I go to school. Dear Rohit Sub: Regarding insanitary conditions of the locality Sir Your Uncle has presented a book to you on your birthday. Describing how you celebrated your last birthday A list of all the chapters covered in the online study material in the course is given above. With love Through your esteemed newspaper I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to the growing nuisance created by loudspeakers in our locality. It is good that you are an exceptionally brilliant student. Yours lovingly Answer: Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the worsening law and order situation in your town. Gurgaon 102, Sudhir, Question 4. I feel like an orphan, confused and weary. Sir With due respect I … Friends Colony, Letter Writing in English - Letter writing is an important topic in the English writing skills section for school students. People organise jagrans for the whole night. My dear Uncle As a result, the road looks dirty. They are our guides, guardians and mentors. I, therefore, request you on behalf of the students of this colony to remove this problem without any delay. Thanking you. His salary is too meagre to support a family of five. Respected sister In other subjects I have fared very well. It shows one’s hidden talent. : Rising crime rate in Gurgaon Sir Its golden chain is really veiy attractive. It is a formal piece of writing and involves a specific style. My father is a clerk in a private firm. You are Shobhit, a resident of Preet Vihar, New Delhi. A brief abstract of the topic of the message. Write a letter to the Station House Officer, with a copy to the Deputy Commissioner complaining about the incidents of chain snatching in your locality. Today, even temples, gurudwaras, mosques are no longer a place of peace. Thank you very much for your letter. I hope you will highlight my points strongly. Write a letter to the Editor of a leading newspaper about the need to control the air pollution in the capital. 11, Station Road I am pleased to inform you that my exams got over today. He has phoned Papa to tell him that you have lost weight and you look weak. I am not in a position to pay my monthly fees. The prayers are read over loudspeakers. New Delhi, Senior citizens constitute a big chunk of our population. I am very keen to have my very first bicycle. Sonia sometimes feels low and alone. With regards and love. He is an excellent teacher of our school. Many times you may think that how to write an informal letter writing format.So here we are providing informal letter writing topics for class 8 andsome informal letters sample.These informal letter examples are really going to help you a lot to write informal letter to a friend and some others. Nirmal All the major publishers of the country and from abroad are taking part. Yours affectionately All stood up as a mark of respect to the Chief Guest. The Principsil Sir Kamala There are two types of letter. I, therefore, request you on behalf of the colony residents to take immediate action and give us relief and a sense of security. Informal Letter Writing For Grade 6 - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept.. Hyderabad New Delhi January 10, 20xx. My uncle brought with him a special gift from London. Question. 20 I will have to be with her. When I opened the parcel containing your present, I was thrilled. Raman Good notice is always to the point and leaves no scope for further enquiries without compromising on the word limit (50 words). You are Navin/Nalini living at 250, Rajdhani Enclave Baroda. Preferably I side of the page. Lengthier than a formal letter. 260, 5 Block But making hobby a compulsory subject is neither practiable nor in the interest of students. I am really grateful to you for your care and affection. Class VIB. Diary writing can be based on experience, a scene, a description or narration of a certain event or any other thing or activity that the writer considers worth writing in his personal diary. Mathura Singing, paint¬ing and acting should be optional, not a vital part of school life. However, it depends on the subject. Dear Sir Roll No. 6. Should be brief and precise. 25 We will shop in Connaught Place. You will be glad to know that I have secured 86 per cent marks in class V. Let me remind you of your promise that if I score good marks, you will get me a bicycle. My mother is suffering from high fever. Sometimes the tone can be philosophical and reflective too. Answer. I would suggest Mr. Khanna’s name for guidance. I am also in the school hockey team. Suresh, Question 3. Dear Papa The Post Master New Colony Post Office Gurgaon Also mention reason/reasons. Write a letter to your dad giving him home-news. 25/34, Punjabi Bagh 2 March, 2007 Suggest ways how he can improve his health. Then I do my home work. You have lost your library card. 15 th March, 20xx. To friend inviting to spend vacation Yours sincerely In spite of our repeated complaints, no effective action has been taken so far to round up the trouble makers. Class VI. My father is out of station. I assure you that I will give you good results. 25, Nehru Nagar Kindly look into the matter personally and ease my tension. In the evening of life their sons also leave them alone. Informal Letter writing in English is really very important to learn English. I want to devote more and more time to my studies. Thanking you. With lots of best wishes and congratulations. 22nd April, 20xx. You are Sudha/Sudhir. I shall be greatly obliged to you for this. Answer: Your email address will not be published. The students are already over loaded with their studies. The Headmaster Navin, Question 5. F-14 2 April, 2007 Write a letter to your mother about your daily routine. I have been fined fifty rupees by my science teacher. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on the occasion of your coming birth¬day. One can find pigs and astray dogs move freely around the rubbish. INFORMAL LETTERS Question 1. People living in the surrounding areas feel disturbed. 205, Peepal Wali Sub: Delay in the delivery of gift parcel. New Delhi 16 To uncle thanking him for a nice birthday gift Many cases of murders of aged couples are reported in the newspapers. Railway Road, Ambala. Dear Papa You are Arpita, living at F-14 Chitra Road, New Delhi. My uncle from England gave us a surprise visit. Many times you may think that how to write an informal letter writing format.So here we are providing informal letter writing topics for class 8 andsome informal letters sample.These informal letter examples are really going to help you a lot to write informal letter to a friend and some others. Some fruit sellers throw the rubbish material on the road. Therefore, I am returning them to you for replacement. A diary entry has no fixed format or style of writing. For betterment you can also make a habit of writing a daily diary keeping in mind the format for diary entry. Perhaps I lost it somewhere. Thanking you. 34 Write a letter to … You are Nupur, a resident of Rajeev Nagar, Meerut. All of my friends have liked it very much. Pointing out the usefulness of the book in life, write a letter in about 100 words thanking your uncle for sending this valuable gift. Express your considered opinion in a letter to the editor of a national daily. New Delhi 250 Rajdhani Enclave The aged couple take in domestic helps to do all odd jobs. Dear Papa Sub. Yours truly It is an opportunity for book-lovers. Now I look forward to returning home soon. XYZ School You are Kamal/Kamala. My parents were very glad at it. I miss you all. Write a letter to the Post Master of your locality* complaining that you have not received so far the gift parcel sent to you by your friend from the U.K. 152-B, Our city is holding a Book Fair in the third week of December. ABC School It is usually displayed publicly. Thanks a lot for the lovely present you sent me on my birthday. Write a letter to the librarian to issue you a duplicate card. Shreya Bhawan However, it is optional. Sub: Rising rate of lawlessness in the colony Sir When are you coming to us for this purpose? It had been a one year guarantee. The entire environment has become suffocative. 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