The following adjectives have irregular forms for the comparative and the superlative: Adjective: bueno (good) Comparative: mejor (better) Superlative: el/la mejor (best) Adjective: malo (bad) Comparative: peor (worse) Superlative: el/la peor (the worst) Note that the words más and menos are not used with the irregular comparatives. For example, you might wish to say: Expressions like tan … como and tanto … como help you do that. Paulo studies In Spanish, there’s another way of expressing how something is just the “most-est.” You can intensify the meaning of any adjective by adding the ending -ísimo. Mexico City is the biggest order to get a point across. es riquísimo. hace tanta tarea como Adolfo. For example “more difficult than” would be directly translated as más difícil que. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. These are employed when the superlative describes plural nouns. en diciembre que en febrero. Mexico Las papas fritas son mejores que la ensalada. are used to compare things and say which one is the biggest, strongest, fastest, etc or the most/least. Just like with the comparatives, the superlatives in Spanish follow the English form of added words before the adjective. Raúl as much as Jorge. 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We need an accent, drop the accent before adding the ending: El español es fácil. (grande, más), Esta camisa es _______ que la otra. El tigre es Juan tiene la guitarra más cara del grupo. español es facilísimo. For example, if you say something is buenísimo, you are saying it is super good. Alicia y Carla son mayores que Felipe. Note that in superlative form, it is totally INCORRECT to say el/la/los/las más bueno/a/os/as or el/la/los/las más malo/a/os/as in Spanish. As such, we need to look at the regular format for both types of Spanish comparatives. than your dog. an article and add más and an adjective: Mateo Spanish is the easiest. does as much homework as Adolfo. If you have ever heard lo mejor or lo peor, it is not an error. -ísima That takes care of comparisons. Create an account to start this course today. If your adjective includes If you are ready to use them on your own, check out our blog post on Spanish grammar checkers so you can correct your work. Alicia y Carla son las mayores. This is only part Juana Words that compare one thing to another (e.g., better, older) are called comparatives. Raquel Professional bullfighters only use the strongest bulls in Spain. be more specific as to what we are talking about, we can include a noun with our tantos + masculine plural noun + como Your car is as slow as a snail. ), El lago de Saoseo es más azul que el cielo. Mexico City is the biggest