bet – bet: He bet all of his money. spend – spent: He spent all of his money on a new bicycle. break – broke: She broke her pencil. see – saw: The pirate saw another ship in the distance. sleep – slept: He slept in the armchair. Run. 101 Irregular Verbs - Past Tense in English. shoot – shot: He shot at the target. Ran. Go. meet – met: We met for the first time yesterday. sit – sat: They sat on the park bench. draw – drew: He drew another cartoon. send – sent: He sent a postcard. swim – swam: The boy swam to the edge of the pool. spin – spun: The dancer spun around very quickly. catch – caught: He caught a small fish. think – thought: He thought about a possible solution to the problem. read – read: I read the book in three days. lead – led: He led his pet along the street. stick – stuck: Some chewing gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe. win – won: He won three medals. run – ran: He ran in the marathon. put – put: He put his suggestion in the box. understand – understood: He understood the lesson. find – found: She found a coin on the ground. Base Form. get – got: He got the high score. spread – spread: I spread a lot of jam on the bread. know – knew: She knew the answer. cut – cut: She cut the paper with a pair of scissors. Past Simple (V2) Past Participle (V3) arise. slide – slid: She slid to second base. wake – woke: He woke up at 6 o’clock. hold – held: She held an egg in her hand. bleed – bled: My finger bled for a while. forget – forgot: I forgot what I had to do. keep – kept: He kept his tools in a toolbox. swing – swung: He swung on a vine. blow – blew: She blew some bubbles. With practice, it will become a matter of habit. Become – became: They became very angry. The first is"to attach (or hang) something in a high position"(e.g. Be – was/were: They were happy. cost – cost: It cost me a lot of money. leave – left: They left the office at 5 o’clock. begin – began: He began work at seven. say – said: He said that he liked flowers. ride – rode: She rode her horse. ring – rang: He rang the doorbell. light – lit: He lit a match. fly – flew: The pilot flew to another city. pay – paid: She paid her taxes. fall – fell: The bowling ball fell on his foot. shut – shut: The boy shut his eyes. They hanged him in the main s… Went. have – had: I had pancakes for breakfast. dig – dug: The dog dug a hole in the backyard. feed – fed: She fed the pigeons. give – gave: My children gave me a birthday present. go – went: The kids went to the local park to play. PAST TENSE. buy – bought: She bought many things at the shopping mall. forgive – forgave: She forgave him. strike – struck: He struck the ball well. begin – began: He began work at seven. In this case we use the above verbs Hang-Hung-Hung. hide – hid: He hid his face. eat – ate: She ate all of the cake. build – built: The boy built a sandcastle. quit – quit: He quit his job last month. bend – bent: He bent over to pick up the newspaper. hurt – hurt: You hurt my feelings. Irregular Verbs – Complete List. shine – shone: He shone a flashlight to see where he was going. sink – sank: He slowly sank in the quicksand. ….. The boy was tired. bend – bent: He bent over to pick up the newspaper. stand – stood: A guard stood at the entrance. set – set: He set the table. Become – became: They became very angry. The following is a list of Irregular Verbs in English: * HANG- Hang has two different meanings. Be – was/were: They were happy. feel – felt: She felt cold. write – wrote: The teacher wrote a message on the board. This verb is typical of publicexecutions in the past. throw – threw: She threw the can into the bin. The boy was tired. grow – grew: Flowers grew under the hammock. hit – hit: The ball hit the back of her head. do – did: She did her homework. take – took: She took her medication. mean – meant: I don’t know what you meant. lose – lost: He lost the match. fight – fought: They fought with pillows. on the wall or on a hook). (e.g. BUT when Hang means "to kill someone by putting a ropearound someone's neck and leaving them in a high positionwithout any support", we use different verbs:Hang-Hanged-hanged. sell – sold: He sold lemonade in front of his house. teach – taught: He taught geography at a local high school. sweep – swept: The man swept the path. hear – heard: She heard a sound coming from the box. tell – told: I told you to be careful. drink – drank: He drank a glass of water. speak – spoke: He spoke about how to be successful in life. let – let: My boss let me leave work early. speed – sped: He sped along the road. bring – brought: The waiter brought my order to the table. choose – chose: He chose something from the menu. steal – stole: The thief stole a painting from the museum. make – made: She made a chocolate cake. shake – shook: Everything in the house shook during the earthquake. hang – hung: The monkey hung from the branch. … Thought. tear – tore: She tore the paper in half. deal – dealt: She dealt the cards to the other players. lend – lent: He lent me some money. sing – sang: She sang very well. bite – bit: The dog bit the postman. ….. rise – rose: Profits rose considerably last year. The following is a list of 101 Irregular Verbs in the Past Tense with example sentences in English: Present tense – Past Tense: Example Sentence. The following is a list of 101 Irregular Verbs in the Past Tense with example sentences in English: Present tense – Past Tense: Example Sentence. drive – drove: The clown drove a small car. come – came: She came to my birthday party wearing a costume. © 2003-2020 Woodward English - All Rights Reserved. There is no way to tell what form an irregular verb is going to take in a changed tense; the only option for an English speaker is to commit the changes to memory. sting – stung: A bee stung my arm. wear – wore: She wore a blue hat and a blue dress. Think. freeze – froze: He froze outside in the blizzard.