Can i add mango flavor so as to make the sponge cake flavored mango? If i plan on making a chocolate version of this cake, how much chocolate would i need and would I use melted or power chocolate? I tried it and it is really yummy! I know I must have done something wrong because I’ve tasted castera bread from a Asian bakery before. ... Japanese Coffee Jelly 10 mins Ratings. 90g= 6 tablespoons. Jian, Help if I am using a 12″ x 3″ round pan what percentage increase would I use. Add vanilla and mix. And what size tin should I use? .thank you. After it is done baking turn down the oven leave the oven door open to about 10-15 minutes until it cools down. Also, if I were to make cupcakes with this recipe, is there a change in baking time as well? May I find out how much I should modify the bake time for every 30% increase in ingredients? My cake is super flat and hardly rised. This cake is as fluffy and soft as it looks. Good luck next time! Pull it out let it sit for another 10 minutes. Fold in the first one-third of the flour by hand with a spatula (not with the mixer). Thanks. I would recommend to check every 5 minutes or so after normal baking time. I. Can I add a bit of vanilla extract? It’s really best to follow this recipe closely. sorry, no we don’t have a cake recipe not using eggs. it was doughy. Thank you for giving me this recipe it is great. The batter rises in the oven because of well beaten eggs. Sneha. Can I use plain flour or self raising Flour? thats realy easy to make , am now serving it with coffee everytime . Ingredients: Salt Can you pls post a converted recipe! Put the batter in the prepared pan. I would add that this would be lovely with any fresh berries. Please change the measurement to cups or tablespoon. They cook and shoot photos/videos at their home kitchen(s.). Sponge cake is a tricky recipe because the texture can easily change when you make substitutions in ingredients or use different equipment. you could try…but I wouldn’t recommend it. Or less? 80 Gram (s) Milk 50 Milliliter (s) i bake it but it didn’t blow That said, I converted the ingredients and tried to be as close as possible but it came out very dry and hard. Not fluffy like the Japanese sponge cake at all. The flavor will be different with oil. What changes on oven temperature and baking time? 5 Piece (s) Egg White It is a very important component for Japanese Western-style sweets. Thanks. because it is too sweet for me. whole milk is good. Makroudh (مقروض ) is a traditional sweet pastry in North…, Ghrayba (غريبة) is a type of cookie prepared in the…, Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored Italian dessert. There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content. Sponge Cake can be makes without Eggs, Harsh, Easy recipe and fit nicely using my airfryer baking pan. You can melt butter in a pot too. Because eggs come in different sizes in my country. Take the cake out from the oven and leave for 15 minutes. Bake the cake in a preheated oven of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Silvia, How much weight in gram is each of the egg? Thank you so much for the recipe! Noriko and Yuko plan and develop recipes together for Japanese Cooking 101. By pour the egg whites into a bowl and whisk it until it starts to foam and become bubbly then add cream of tartar and continue mixing it for a couple of seconds and slowly add in sugar as you mix. Should the oven be preheat at 180c at 20 min before I put in the cake. ), I used apricot preserves that I heated so that they would spread easily and give my tasteless strawberries a lift. Hi Lash, Hello Thank you. I saw above that you do 3 to 3 and 1/2 times for two, but we don’t need that big of a batch. My cake came out a little soft and sticky. It should rise if the egg whites are whipped well. This is how it was converted Hi noriko and yuko! how much i need egg sugar and flour if i want make this sponge cake if i used pan 20×20? Great post. For 9 inch round cake pan, how many times of ingredients should I add? reading and posting comments. I used all purpose flour instead of cake flour. It’s really hard to be precise with the measurements as in the US we don’t use grams. the batter deflates a little whenever you add anything such as flour and butter(melted and cooled), and that’s ok. Just carefully fold it. Getting sponge cake to turn out the way you want can be a little tricky, but if you prepare and keep these 3 things in mind, your cake will come out beautifully. Further filling it with a mixture of both mascarpone cream cheese and whipped cream would also be a variation.