She started out with knitwear first and now her label encompasses everything, from spliced dresses to shirts like this that explore ideas of volume and shape. Gelato Pique is your go-to for comfortable WFH or weekend fashion, so feel free to cozy up in one of their sweaters for fall. This collection in particular offers feminine silhouettes with a simple appearance, like this asymmetrical bamboo button v-neck dress. Its motto is ‘Healthy, Happy, Sexy,’ which is what women should feel inside out. Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Incnut Digital. As you may have guessed by the name, Comme des Garcons is a Japanese brand that is inspired by French maison couture. Mastermind Japan made a special limited comeback earlier this year via the Origami commerce platform, so perhaps there’s a future for it yet. The designer has fully mastered juxtaposing prints together and creating asymmetric garments (like this houndstooth coat) that catch your attention as you scroll through the shopping page. Their designs are inspired by no-nonsense street styles from the United States in the late 80s and early 90s, producing anything from jackets and tees to shorts and pants. When it comes to fast fashion, no one does it better than WEGO. From their technology to their infrastructure and discipline – everything about Japan is oh-so-fascinating. There’s even a children’s line called Neighborhood One Third, based on the idea of making Neighborhood items at 1/3 the normal size. The brand has grabbed the attention of all the clothing nerds on menswear blogs, but more interestingly, it has also created unlikely fans in celebrity circles, like Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Kanye West and A$AP Rocky. Marie Claire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Comme des Garçons protégé Junya Watanabe is known for creating innovative and distinctive clothing. Each brand carries their own storied histories (the 2017 Met Gala was dedicated to Rei Kawakubo), but there are plenty more Japanese labels to appreciate once you do a little deep dive into its fashion scene. Their graphics and colourways are eyecatching and represent a culture clash, much like an old Mo’Wax 12 inch. They’re also renowned for using heritage fabrics and crafting techniques to create their garments, looking to age-old production methods from around the world to keep their creations unique. The Founders of ADAY On ‘Doing More With Less', Meghan's Fave Fashion Brands Carry Baby Clothes, Redefining "Heritage Brands": What It Means to Know the Real Backstory of Your Clothes. In talking about Japanese streetwear fashion, you may or may not be familiar with NEIGHBORHOOD. He’s heavily influenced by American Ivy League pieces and soft fabrics more associated with Italian houses, producing suits, roll necks and over shirts with stunning results. He seems to have the Midas touch with his creations, which go from absurd Avant guard to streetwear collaborations with converse. Brand’s Portfolio: . It … Here’s How You Style Cropped Pants With Boots, 20 Cute Outfits That Will Up Your Tomboy Game, The Subtle Art Of Nailing The Classy Dressing Style, 20 Best Reception Dress For Indian Brides, 17 Best Loungewear For Chilling Around – 2020, 15 Best Swimsuits For Different Body Types, 15 Best V-Neck T-Shirts For Women In 2020, 15 Best Down Jackets For Women For A Warm And Comfortable Winter, 13 Best Black Work Pants For Women In 2020, 13 Best Incontinence Pants For Ladies - Reviews And Guide, 25 Classic Trench Coats to Wear This Fall 2020, 13 Best Incontinence Pants For Ladies – Reviews And Guide. Snidel has store locations all over Japan, but if you can't make it out to Harajuku or Shibuya, you can shop from its online store and follow its U.S. Instagram. The legendary designer founded his label, Undercover, in 1991 while still at school and has been a fashion world favourite ever since his first runway show in 1994. Beams was started in 1974 and is more than just an apparel store. Beams originally started as a small pop up store in Tokyo’s Harajuku district in 1974. On top of that, he was also awarded GQ’s Coolest Designer on The Planet in 2017. But don’t be expecting a normal Adidas mark-up - these pieces come at a designer price. When we talk about names that put Japanese style on the map, we have to mention Jun Takahashi. In addition to the main line, the brand has two more lines called todo and somebody (made with only reusable products). 2009 saw the introduction of the Luker By Neighborhood line, which adds a British influence into the mix. They produce unique, modern pieces more in tune with somewhere like Berlin, for those who like to walk that line between smart casual and casual evening. Their men’s subsidiary brand, Beams Plus was born in 1999, a direct response to the growing market in high-quality casual menswear. Nonnative has been crafting quality casual and contemporary clothing since the early 2000s. The streetwear brand still remains beloved to this day by stars like Gwen Stefani and produces relevant collabs with other popular streetwear labels like Supreme. Her unique way of blending luxurious textiles with intricate designs, embroidery, and prints that are created from scratch has won her numerous awards. Comme des Garçons lovers will feel instantly drawn to streetwear label Undercover, which has the fan approval of Rei Kawakubo herself. Undercover is Japanese menswear at its very best. With over 140 stores spread across Japan, New York, China, Hong Kong, Milan, and Paris, Beams is a hot favorite worldwide. Ichiro Nakatsu started orSlow in 2005 after developing an obsession with workwear fabrics. Peach John is the Victoria’s Secret of Japan with its exceptional designs, quality, and style. This top feels like a vintage find without the hassle of having to dig through the racks at your local thrift store. She headed the ‘Issey Sports’ division before starting her own company with the encouragement of her mentor. His achingly cool streetwear combines elements of urban style with high fashion sophistication. Made for the real street culture vulture. It is one of the most sought-after brands amongst youngsters and is an equivalent to contemporary western brands like H&M, Forever 21, and Zara. The pieces are tailored and streamlined yet interesting enough to become the boldest statement piece in your wardrobe. We know in theory that it’s a nation filled with cutting-edge designs, but it’s a world that feels difficult to navigate if you’re not already on the inside. His cuts are more often than not large without being baggy, with a workwear style is inspired by both eastern and western heritage designs. He fell in love with clothing that was built to last as opposed to the fast-paced consumer designs that lacked value in his native city of Hyogo. We may earn commission from the links on this page. And if we missed out on any cool ones, drop a text in the comments section below. Japanese designers always seem to be that little bit more daring, whether we’re talking catwalk collections from Issey Miyake or streetwear from the likes of Cav Empt. Visvim was founded by Hiroki Nakamura and started as a footwear brand before encompassing apparel. The brand was founded by Rei Kawakubo back in 1969 and has a flagship store in Aoyama, Japan’s renowned fashion district. When Yosuke Aizawa started White Mountaineering he was heavily influenced by rugged mountain clothing from the US, and quickly started specialising in autumn/winter collections. The fabrics used in creating its lounge pieces are given pseudonyms with dessert names such as "gelato" and "soufflé." Uniqlo Drape Gathered Long Skirt ($40) Uniqlo offers minimalist, innovative fashion staples … The concept was to craft basic clothing inspired by unique interpretations of elements from motorcycles, the military and the outdoors. Clearly the designer excels in experimenting with tailoring, complex draping, and fabrics, making his pieces (wearable) collectors items. NEIGHBORHOOD was founded by Shinsuke Takizawa who followed in the footsteps of people like Nobuhiko Kitamura.