from radiation to pollution to activity to stress to overall happiness (so anyone who gets a divorce should be eliminated from the study etc). Hi, Eloise. After losing that weight initially, I found it harder and harder to keep off, almost like there was some feedback mechanism at work. The diagnostic criteria are at one of my other blogs: Yeah, relatively easy. Food that is minimally processed, fresh, locally produced when able, including a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and legumes. I love the stuff. The Mediterranean diet focuses on whole foods and includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. I’ve been digging around and can’t seem to find anything other than opinions. I need to be a more creative. I promised myself to report everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly—honestly. Do you want to get weekly shopping lists for the 14-day keto diet menu above? at the end you mention that lifestyles a la monica reinagel or darya pino might actually be better than KMD, without giving any reasoning whatsoever. For the last four months—November through February—I’ve been eating the aforementioned liberalized KMD. I took my blood sugar two hours after eating today and it was 208. took it another hour later and it was 180. One of these days I need to do a comprehensive post about gout. Probably not, but why not? I’m now trying to reduce both sugar and carbs intake, to see if I can lose weight (from 79Kg to 75 or less). You point out that it’s fish, which it technically is. The epidmiologists find associations in the mass of analyzed data. Esp re Olive Oli. For the most part I lost nearly 2 pounds a week with minimal effort, and hardly ever went to the gym (which is in stark contrast to the low-fat diets I tried over the years, where going to the gym 5 days a week hardly made me budge). Gained three to five pounds (1.8 kg) each time on high-carb eating, but lost it over the next week by returning to the strict KMD. Those Daily Values are debatable, of course. However, there are also concerns about the longer-term health effects. I love this food but am really challenged if I have to eat away from home.Even with family and friends it is so hard to explain what I’m not eating and why. It’s a lot easier to study lab rats. But you can imagine the difficulty in doing such a study in free-living humans. Statistical differences between the … Fruits are delicious and offer great benefits, but there’s ABSOLUTELY nothing in fruits that you can’t get from non-starchy vegetables…except fructose. if you keep all other conditions the same, you are right. Home; Weight Loss. and no doubt about lab rats, just how useful are they? The University of Navarra in Cordoba is doing great work investigating the Mediterranean diet. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Once you exclude the high carb stuff thats’ easy to do. But most canned tuna is water packed, not oil packed, and is missing most of the essential oils that most people associate with fish. Of late I’ve been eating olives almost daily and have upped my cheese intake and have always consumed Greek style yogurt. And a glass of wine daily at night if my workday at the hospital were over. I’d recommend this approach to others with high but manageable blood sugar levels, with their doctors’ OK. Good to hear from you. Filed under … Most of my fish lately has been canned tuna. Sardines or anchovies with boiled greens drizzle with olive oil and lemon. not being moody etc. To then revert to higher carbs only raises my blood sugar. Otherwise the last four months have been similar to the initial two months of strict KMD. E-book versions also available at I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes three years ago. It’s also been helpful for me to participate at two low-carb online communities: LowCarbFriends and Active Low-Carber Forums. “Healthiest” might be defined as who died and who didn’t. . And water. i have vascullitis and am currently on 5 mg. of prednisone a day. Share this: Email; Print; Facebook; Pinterest; LinkedIn; Twitter; Reddit; Tumblr; Related. What did you use to replace fruits, legumes, grains, etc…? What’s next for me is to formalize an opinion on which carbs, if any, and in what amount, to add back into the diet of those who have lost weight with the Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet. In that quest I am much taken with the foods of Sicily and Spain although I’m proficient across the menus of the Arab world. I really appreciate the KMD and have been on it –in my fashion– for maybe 10 months. Weight has stayed around 155-157 lb (71 kg). I started my Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet on September 1, 2009. 2) You said that your diet is ketogenic, and it looks like it probably is. . Blogging here also helps me maintain compliance. I don’t think we know enough about phytonutrients to say that (what did we know about antioxidants a decade ago?) It’s also at the low end of the range for fruits and vegetables recommended by Dr. David Heber, author of “What Color is Your Diet.” I blogged about Dr. Heber’s recommendations here in the last two weeks. Another related question: if you are overweight, then do you *definitely* have metabolic syndrome (at the very least) or can you be overweight without having it? Staying with the program may be easier for me than for others because I am heavily invested in it, psychologically and time-wise. It was an unlimited calorie diet. Lists that adapt to the number of people you choose to cook for and if you want to skip or change a few meals? (The Cretan average consumption — under their Mediterranean diet — is 22 Kgm of olive oil per year per person). I also like preserved meats…as a treat. Randy, thanks for you idea on legumes and inflammation. The processing steps for canned fish probably result in oxidation of the polyunsaturated fats, although I haven’t found any data to confirm or refute this. Often pico de gallo on the eggs. I also take supplements with the exception of vitamin C and alpha-tocopherol. After two months—8.6 weeks—my weight clearly stabilized at 155 lb (70.5 kg). So be prepared. Proudly veteran owned and operated. The usual evidence in favor of carbohydrate consumption is from observational studies that look at large populations over time, noting health outcomes, and analyzing what the healthiest peope ate. A Mediterranean diet is rich in healthy whole foods and basically devoid of processed foods. BONUS – Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet SAMPLE MENU Breakfast. Nearly all the pertinent studies are observational or epidemiologic—not the most rigorous science. Reviews; Gallery; Blog; FAQ; Insurance; Payment Info; Pricing; Top Bar Menu. ahem . What features unify those three? all those mental things are hardly ever included in ‘healthiest’. I feel fine. Many people stay ketogenic (as measured by urine ketostix) if they keep digestible carbs under 50 g/day. Pretty good posting here,I never thought about that I will catch any information like that ,but your post really help me.Awesome things are sharing here.I like your post ,Now I am waiting for your next post.So keep writing. Fats and proteins are more satiating than carbohydrates. However I find extremly difficult to avoid carbs, especially for breakfast. when you have diabetes, chances are, you haven’t been healthy (or in other words: the best possible you) for months/years before you have been diagnosed. This Ketogenic diet was called "Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet" (SKMD) due to the incorporation of virgin olive oil as the principal source of fat (≥30 ml/day), moderate red wine intake (200–400 ml/day), green vegetables and salads as the main source of carbohydrates and fish as the main source of proteins. As much as I want. After reviewing the scientific literature over the last few months, I’m not so sure that higher carb consumption is necessary or beneficial for long-term health and longevity. I actually had to add a little sea salt to my diet because my blood pressure dropped too low on a low carb diet. healthiest means to have ie. Remember, fats and proteins are unlimited. Mediterranean diets are shown to be one of the healthiest diets to follow and wth … Most doctors do not test for that sort of thing. There is some evidence that a low-carbohydrate diet may help people lose weight in the short term. (if you are unlucky). It varies by person and total caloric intake. My secondary goal is good health, but my primary is more immediate. I’ve gone six months now without whole grain bread, oatmeal, pizza, and pasta—very unusual for me. Great job taking control of your condition! 1 – I wonder what happens when one separates out fruit vs grains.