Project Monitoring and Evaluation. Should any project objectives be modified from what you observed? It is clear and easy to understand. Many types of evaluation exist, consequently evaluation methods need to be customised according to what is being evaluated and the purpose of the evaluation. Just like the name suggests, financial monitoring simply refers to monitoring project/ program expenditure and comparing them with the budgets prepared at the planning stage. The data collection tools are usually embedded into the project activities in order to ensure that the process is seamless. Increasingly, evaluation processes are used that foster wider participation, allow dialogue, build consensus, and create “buy-in” on recommendations. I would like you to linelist the elements to monitor and evaluate in a project say a WASH project, I certified with the all types of m&e. ( Log Out /  These should be communicated to the concerned authorities to avoid their repitition in the future. Process monitoring/ physical progress monitoring The most important source of information about any project can be the routine monthly progress reports, if they are done the right way. Basic principles of monitoring and evaluation Monitoring and evaluation usually include information on the cost of the programme being monitored or evaluated. Monitoring and evaluation tools are often used for employees to capture information and prompt them on what factors to look for. These assumptions are those factors which might determine project success or failure, but which the project has no control over. Depending on the scope and use it is implemented by project staff, consultants or specialized organizations. A field trip should have a purpose, so report on the trip should begin with indicating what was the purpose of the trip. Depending on the scope and use it is implemented by project staff, consultants or specialized organizations. project reference no. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Process monitoring/ physical progress monitoring. Also known as the minutes of the meeting, this kind of report captures the essence of discussions and decisions taken in meetings. Send me more documents for M&E via the above email, Waaaw amazing thus realy nice i got the point thanks. A progress report is different from a situation report in that a situation report merely states what has happened and what was done about it during the reporting period. For example, in a Water and Sanitation program, there may be a need to monitor the change in Under 5 Mortality in the program area over time. Monitoring And Evaluation Report Template, All things considered, anybody will concur that to fit the previously mentioned requests it will be exceptionally valuable and even the main answer for web advancement to have a Monitoring And Evaluation Report Template web format. Logical Framework Approach of Development Project The logical framework (also known as “Logframe”) is a conceptual and analytical tool for undertaking sector analysis, project planning, and project management. project monitoring, evaluation and reporting evaluation plan and instruments project evaluation report . Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Field Monitoring report should make comparisons between the most recent findings and those of earlier visits, requiring a certain degree of consistency between the different reports. In other words, process monitoring answers the questions “what has been done so far, where, when and how has it been done?” Most of the data collected during project implementation usually serves this kind of monitoring. A progress report is a necessary part of a project. Yohannes. This information has been extremely useful to me as a postgraduate student of M& E. I intend to make use of this page regularly so that I will not miss anything. Learn how your comment data is processed. ( Log Out /  However, for projects with a long life span or programs (programs have no defined timelines) there emerges a need for measuring impact change in order show whether the general conditions of the intended beneficiaries are improving or otherwise2. Also, there might have been unforeseen circumstances in the field which should be brought in black and white. Your information is really helpful. Thanks a lot for this great lesson it has done me good. A progress report, in contrast, relates activities to objectives. To what extent? But do we have anything like results, compliance, context, beneficiary and organisational monitoring? What unexpected observations did you make? It is usually a narrative report and can include information about events and inputs (what actions were undertaken) but should emphasize outputs (the results of those actions in so much as they lead to achieving the stated objectives). thank you so much this is very important research, and i got benefit for this course reagrding M& E types please keep such useful lessons about this course. 20. It is my pleasure to have u inform that I am a student of Barshell unversity college reading monitoring and evaluation as major while sociology minor, so please if have to receive my email I want u please help with more details about this couse because it my dream in life along with sociolog.