In Galicia, my beautiful homeland, the situation is less dramatic, because exclusionary nationalism has never triumphed there. Now they issue their threats from parliament. The cause of this madness is an extreme-left Catalan nationalist party that represents relatively few Spanish voters, and that within Catalonia represents 22 percent of voters. The policy is about as intelligent as repeatedly hitting one’s big toe with a hammer to cure osteoarthritis. The Trump campaign did not speak about marriage rights at all during the election.Senator Josh Hawley (R., Mo. The man, reported to be wearing blue civilian clothes and in his twenties, later surrendered after a manhunt by the South Korean military units who discovered a breach of the fence. Del Rincón was an anchor and reporter for the daily investigative show ""Primer Impacto"" and ""Ver Para Creer,"" both on Univision. It took her 35 minutes to drive to Walmart, instead of spending hours stuck in traffic as tourists gawked at turtles on the beach. Requena also received the ""Premio Carteles"" for her outstanding work defending freedom of expression, el premio ""Los mejores del año"" and the Golden Award for being the Presenter of the Year. Although Mr Johnson has reassured the president-elect that he is committed to preventing a hard border, Mr Biden told reporters that "the idea of having a border north and south once again being closed is just not right, we've just got to keep the border open". The Spanish people speak in whatever language we prefer to, and we regard all the country’s state languages a source of cultural richness; not as a reason for confrontation. The same will happen in the Basque Country and in Galicia, two other regions with their own minority languages, where in fact this discrimination of Spanish was already taking place — with the consent of the PNV nationalists, in the case of Basque, and the center-right PP, in the case of Galician. Juan Carlos Arciniegas is the anchor and movie critic for Ojo Crítico, a weekly half-hour program that reviews the latest smash hits and box office bombs from the world of cinema. Fees and taxes apply. Two hosts discuss this week's top stories from Spain and around the world Clinging to their guns and religion, you might say," Hawley wrote on Twitter. He anchors Directo USA. US District Judge Alison J. Nathan instructed defense lawyers and prosecutors to confer over the next week over Ms Sternheim's request that the Brooklyn facility's warden directly address the concerns. In Galicia, my beautiful homeland, the situation is less dramatic, because exclusionary nationalism has never triumphed there. offer details:  The subscription plan you choose will automatically renew and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates. Carmen Aristegui hosts Mexico's most influential and interesting personalities for a thought-provoking discussion of topical issues and current events making news across the country. It was written by: J. Robin Moon, City University of New York.Read more: * Busting 3 common myths about homelessness * As few as 1 in 10 homeless people vote in elections – here’s whyJ. What has changed now is that the war on the Spanish language will be made official, sponsored by the Spanish state itself. ", "Marisa Azaret Psy.D., is a contributor on medical matters for CNN en Español. Romo holds a bachelor 's degree in broadcasting from Arizona State University. Tell us how you want to listen to SiriusXM, and any hardware details you know. He currently leads the program "Camilo" which is broadcast Monday through Friday at 9pm on CNN en Español.He started his career in radio, television and news agencies in Cuba and Miami. This new toilet cleaner makes cleaning a piece of cake so that you will never have to brush your toilet again. ]Still, a growing number of communities are looking to medical respite to fill the gap. Del Rincón has covered a broad range of series of international news events such as, the outcomes of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan; Pope John Paul II 's visit to Mexico and his death and funeral in the Vatican; the death of music icon Celia Cruz; the forest fires in California; the Iraq war; the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, among many others.In January of 2006 he received one of the highest honors known in the country for his 20 uninterrupted years of work, making his mark in the hall of fame. For New York City, even before COVID-19, 2020 was already turning out to be a record year for homelessness. "We never ran a single ad that even mentioned gay marriage, and while our surrogates did address abortion in media appearances, our only advertising on the topic was limited to a modest radio buy in New Mexico. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. While President-elect Joe Biden has said he would implement his student loan forgiveness plan "immediately," he has not committed to widespread student debt cancellation. Sánchez, who last week celebrated in parliament the “resounding defeat” of American conservatism, is the only one to blame.