Combine the rolled oats, apple juice and cinnamon powder together in a glass bowl, cover and place in the fridge overnight to marinate. I’m right there with you. Spread into prepared baking pan. He loves these! ), In a large bowl, mix together the oats, flour, baking powder, salt, coconut flakes, apricots, and almonds, In a medium bowl, melt the butter. When it’s time for breakfast or a snack, pull out one or two of these chewy oatmeal bars and you’re ready to go! It was the a recent hillwalking outing that inspired these tasty no bake apple and cinnamon oat bars. With The Soulfull Project, you can! These are the only oats I can eat with zero reaction which is why I buy, cough, 12lbs at a time. I didn’t test these with anything other than coconut oil, but I bet you’d get the same results with vegetable oil. Prep Time 20 mins Cook Time 5 mins Total Time 25 mins I used two of them. Good luck with the sleep training! But this healthy  oat bar recipe I pretty much nailed at the first go! They make an excellent healthier snack alternative to those shop bought ones full of unecessary sugar, salt and other additives! So tough to give tough love. That way, they don’t take up space in your fridge! Total Carbohydrate Stir in the flour mixture, oatmeal, chopped apples, coconut, nuts or chocolate chips (if using) mix well to combine. :/. Apple Pie Oatmeal Bars really are very easy to make. 03.27.2020, How much calories is one square?And i tottaly want to try this but does it have much calories because I’m trying to stay on calorie deficit. Why not give them a go? I decided to bake this in an 8×4 loaf pan. not using the parchment just to find out. COPYRIGHT © 2020 NEILSHEALTHYMEALS.COM - PRIVACY POLICY - DISCLAIMER. Jena So, these apple and cinnamon oat bars are with me, by my side, as a perfect and much needed “grab and go” snack! I’m Neil. 10.13.2017. Yeahhhh!! 08.17.2018, Would also like to know about using honey in place of syrup, Ana Lia Johnson This posting brought back memories…….I had 4 girls in 5 years. Kari Thanks, Kristin Temperatures kept rising higher and higher until we hit 102! 07.12.2018, do you think this would work with an egg replacer? Mirranda osborne I use apple purée in this oat bar recipe. 10.16.2017, This recipe reminds me of those Quaker Oat Square bars I had growing up. This post may contain affiliate links. We just made these to take as a plane ride snack and they are perfect! Christina I had 3 of them in diapers. 30+ Fast and Easy Back to School Breakfasts - Pumpkin 'N Spice, 5 Thoughts [thoughts on hawaii and a helpful body image analogy] - The Real Life RD, 10-Minute Homemade Applesauce Recipe | Wisconsin Homemaker, 2-1/2 cups certified gluten-free old fashioned oats*, divided, 1 cup milk, any kind (I used unsweetened almond milk), 1/4 cup + 2 Tablespoons no-sugar-added applesauce, 1/4 cup + 2 Tablespoons pure maple syrup (not pancake syrup). Heather K I got lucky. Kristin Add remaining 1-1/2 cups oats, oat flour, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, baking powder, and salt then stir to combine. Empty the combined oats mixture into the lined baking tin and flatten it out by pressing down with your fingers to get it into the corners. Well, just remember when you’re awake in that rocker at 3am…I probably am too. AMAZING! The following links and any links in the recipe card below are affiliate links. Add remaining 1-1/2 cups oats, oat flour, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, baking powder, and salt then stir to combine. 231.7 g Lincoln woke up every morning at 4am to nurse (then went back down until 7 or so) until he was 11 months old. These were good! I’m so glad you are enjoying the flavor so far! Our flavors include: No matter which hot cereal or oatmeal you choose for the base of your oatmeal bars, you’ll get other hearty and healthy ingredients, such as: You can then add your own ingredients to your oatmeal bars for a truly unique and delicious meal or snack. And when we’re tired and stressed, we go for the rotten carbs. Fold in grated apples then pour batter into prepared baking pan. Try this trail mix bar recipe. *I do not use your email for anything else other than adding you to my blog subscription list which you can opt out of at any time. YESTERDAY HE WAS GOING TO BUY AND EAT A WHOLE PIE. So fun <3 And YUM! Loved the ingredients in this recipe. Heads up – Costco is selling organic maple syrup for $10 right now! APPLE PIE OATMEAL BARS are delicious, serve it with a scoop of ice cream warm out of the oven or cold for a special morning treat! You can do it, momma! They look insanely good!! I’m a long time follower and huge fan of all of your recipes! Ray Required fields are marked *. Filed Under: Home Baking, Home Baking Cakes and Biscuits, Recipes, Snacks Tagged With: Apple Juice, Cinnamon, coconut butter, Honey, Porridge Oats, Rolled Oats. Oh my word, Sheri – you are The Woman!! Wah-wah! 10.20.2019, […] Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bars – Iowa Girl Eats […], Layla The whole family will love these fruity treats! This means that if you click on it and then buy that product I’ll get a small commission (at no extra cost to you of course). Short answer, absolutely. Thanks for your feedback, and I’m so glad the recipes are a fit for your family! Thank you! Kristin You could try making a flax egg, though I just don’t know if it will be strong enough to keep the bars together. 10.13.2017. My niece and nephew have dairy, egg and nut allergies. These no bake apple and cinnamon oat bars are really filling and great for those of us on the go. I detest anything coconut – could you use melted butter? Now she sleeps like a champ!! Dense, chewy, and totally delicious.