You can help support this site by purchasing thru those links. Golden Acrylic Green Gold, Nickel Azo PY:150 + Thalo Gr.Y/s PG:36, Hansa Yellow PY:3, Dual-tone, Translucent, RCW#36.9.5 To open a pigment color page simply use the navigation menu above and click on the color of interest. The wedges are numbered from 1 to 36, representing 360º. For more information on the ASTM standards and Color Index International Pigment Names you should check out their websites, in which i have linked to above. No other license or right is granted. The info on toxicity, links to MSDS sheets, health and safety: This is rated for A for non-toxic, to D indicating toxic or poisonous. YYYY, Grumbacher Cad. I have also compiled information from many historical or contemporary art books including pigment & industrial coatings trade magazines & internet references. Co-created colorants and additives for a variety of applications and polymers. A basic explanation of what these numbers mean can be found on The Colour Index International Constitution Numbers page. Created from a standard palette of colors, we can custom match Holcomaster to virtually any color. When possible, I have added links to to find additional info or to an artist supply company, where the pigment or paint can be purchased at a discount. Holcopearl® is a great colorant for ABS, flexible PVC applications, polyolefins and PET. This multitude of different names can be due to many factors. In Addition, the particle size can also play a big role in the exact hue produced. f PY 117 PY 118 PY 119 PY 120 PY 126 PY 127 PY 127:1 PY 128 PY 129 PY 130 PY 133 PY 134 PY 136 PY 137 PY138 PY 139 PY 147 PY 148 PY 150 PY 151 PY 152 PY 153 PY 154 PY 155 PY 156 PY PY 172 PY 173 PY 174 PY 175 PY 176 PY 179 PY 180 PY 181 PY 182 PY 183 PY 184 PY 185 PY 188 PY 189 PY 190 PY 191 PY 191:1 PY 192 PY 193. Industry-standard and customized colorants, visual effects and masterbatches for coloring rigid and flexible PVC. Cookies are small files that are temporarily placed on your computer's hard drive when you visit a website. PW 3 PW 4 PW 5 PW 6 PW 6:1 PW 7 PW 8 PW 10 PW 11 PW 12 PW 13 PW 14 PW 15 PW 16 PW 17 PW 18 PW 18:1 PW 19 PW 20 PW 21 PW 22 PW 23 PW 24 PW 25 PW 26 PW 27 PW 28 PW 30 PW 32 PW 33, Bone White Ceramic White Diamond Powder Egg Shells Hartshorn Lead Chloride Hydroxide Lead Phosphite Lime White Manganese Carbonate Oyster Shells Sodium Aluminium Silicate. c A colorant for soft-PVC applications. FastHeat is also available as an NIR-detectable version. I do not currently sell pigments but I have added some affiliate links in the pigment name column of the database that link to a pigment/paint manufacturer, or art supply house, where more info can be found on the specific paint or pigment and the item purchased, sometimes at considerable discounts. C Microbeads, an eco-friendly carrier, a bio-derived pigment and a low melting point and ultra-low dosing capability. This liquid colorant based on water and glycol is designed for use with waterborne systems. Tasteguard catches acetaldehyde (AA) generated during PET processing and preform production, thereby protecting the flavor/taste of bottled non-sparkling water. YYYC, Old Holland Yellow-Green Organic,Opaque, Oil. Mussini Ultramarine Blue Light, PB:29, Complex Silicate of Sodium and Aluminum with Sulfur, Translucent, RCW#19.3.5 The information contained in this document has been prepared for presentation and promotional purposes and should only be used for guidance. Currently available as dry pigment only as Irgazine red, yellow and green. I hope that all oil painters, watercolor painters & acrylic painters, teachers and all the creative arts or crafts that use color, will find the pigment Colour Index charts useful. Oil absorption: is given as grams of oil per 100 grams of pigment, or as sometimes as simply High, Medium and low, if I can't find exact ratios. It gave me the idea to try to mix my new Old Holland paints to make a quinacridone gold equivalent. YYYY, Mussini Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Opaque. A beautiful solution for cosmetics and personal care and food packaging. Old Holland Classic Oil Color Chart The left side of the color sample shows the pure color blended to pure Titanium White on the right. The ASTM now advises that the manufacturer of a brand make their own tests according to the ASTM D4303-10 guidelines and submit them to the ASTM for approval. Use for transparent applications. I can not cover every possible paint, binder, or pigment formulation in this chart as it would take too much time and space. ASTM D4303 - 10, People also love these ideas e The center links to the photo pigment color chip chart page. Look, no additives. The notes column: is a place for useful references, notations of discrepancies found in product information, compatibility or incompatibility issues, old wives tales and any other interesting pigment info I have found that is not covered under one of the other columns. Holland Colours does not store personal data for longer than is strictly necessary for the purposes set out above. The only event in Europe to bring together both non–alcoholic and alcoholic brands under the same roof to discuss the latest packaging trends, technology and materials and will leave attendees with free insight and ideas on how to best utilise packaging, The largest packaging, food processing, plastics labelling and print exhibition in West Africa, Location: Landmark Centre - Lagos - Nigeria, Location: Messe Düsseldorf | Hall: 08A | Stand no.