It turns out, there are quite a few ways to make pizza on a weber charcoal grill! Love grilling pizzas and your pizza has me drooling! Learn how to make and enjoy grilled pizza on a charcoal grill. Your email address will not be published. I’ve got two pizza dough recipes for you, my Easy Homemade Pizza Dough using commercial yeast and my Sourdough Pizza Crust for those who keep a starter. Subscription Options I don't think this adds any functionality to the device, but it's just an interesting difference. Preheat the grill on medium heat, about 350 to 400 degrees F for about 10 to 15 minutes. The creators of this method claim that they use this to make a “New York Style” pizza as opposed to Neapolitan style pizza. Have a great weekend! I guess most people will just buy the one for the type of grill they have, but if you have both, consider reading my review (linked above) to see which on you think would be better for you. Required fields are marked *. Send Me Everything! That's pretty damn hot. The PizzaQue Deluxe Kettle Grill Kit truly is a “kit”. Have the red bell pepper ready to go onto the grill. Keep an eye on the bottom of the dough and continue to spin quarter turns to avoid burnt spots (personally, I like a little char). KettlePizza is the “name brand” of the bunch, so it's the first one I bought and tested. You could even toss it over a fire in direct flames and cook your pizza that way, like a true mountain man (or woman). Friday is pizza night here at home. Its cooking surface is slightly elevated off the grate so you can cook with a greater level of control. You could probably use the same method on a gas grill by lighting the side burners and leaving the middle burner off. 10" + FLATBREADS 11 • 16" 21 bbq chicken Shredded rotisserie chicken, topped with Charcoal Grill’s own Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce, sliced red onion and mozzarella cheese. Not all stones were made for the direct heat or high temperatures of grills, so be sure to get a pizza stone that's grill approved [LINK]. Allow refrigerated dough to come up to room temperature, or if using a recipe to make the dough and have it ready for the grill. The smoky, lightly charred crust is completely addictive. Hi! Conor, Conor, There are some advantages and disadvantages to the design of the PizzaQue, which is a little different than the KettlePizza on the inside (even though the outside looks similar). you could also push the coals to one side and put the lid on to use ambient heat temperature to cook rather than direct heat from the coals. Return the pizzas to the indirect heat side of the grill. However, PizzaQue makes an awesome product that makes it easy to get started cooking wood-fired outdoor pizzas very inexpensive. Oil the grill with a rolled-up towel and tongs, then carefully add the dough to the side of the grill with direct heat. I have both a gas and a charcoal grill, but I always use charcoal for pizza. I’ve never made it on the gas grill so you’d have to work out the method by trial and error. Note: When grilling pizza, it is very important to have all the prep work done beforehand. Weber Grill Inserts (True Pizza Oven Results!). Thank goodness for a nice dry house and a hot oven! It comes at a premium price, but there's a reason for that! It rests on clips on the device itself, rather than the brackets inside the Weber grill. Remove from the grill and serve in about 3 minutes. Unsubscribe at any time. Remove the balls of dough from the refrigerator, if necessary, about 1 hour before grilling so the dough will be easier to roll. For example, raw bacon won't fully cook this way. The included charcoal fence is also a bi bonus because it seems like you can get a real raging inferno in your grill without worrying about burning your pizza stone or pizza. We had waited so long to be able to make grilled pizza again, that our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. It took many burnt crusts (and fingers) to come up with this method. My new book is now available at Amazon! Just place your grilling grate inside the center of the KettlePizza insert. My suggestion is to have your toppings already cooked unless you're heating them up. Depending on what type of pan you're using, you can also arrange your coals differently. We decided to have them again on the weekend. Have fun creating unique pizzas, like this one with half Mexican cheese, jalapenos, scallions, and bacon while the other half left off the green onions and added pepperonis. Homemade pizza tends to be a summer specialty at our house because I like to make pizza outside on the grill. Compared with the KettlePizza which is my #1 choice, and the PizzaQue which sells at a big discount, this model doesn't have a major quality which makes it stand out. Your email address will not be published. Tell us what you think! From there, you can add you sauce, cheese, and toppings. But something like pepperoni is fine, since it doesn't need to be heated to be edible. One issue that many buyers ran into initially is that the pizza stone sat below the mouth of the OnlyFire kit, making it nearly impossible to get the pizza out due the angle of your pizza peel. Weber Grill Inserts (True Pizza Oven Results!) It'll mean that getting your pizza from the peel to the stone will be easier, and you'll lose fewer ingredients as well as have less a risk of dropping cheese crumbs on your stone. Cook time is about 20 minutes including a break and turn at around the 15 minute mark. Required fields are marked *. It’s great grilling pizza for guests too because we can sit out and just eat them up as soon as they come off the grill. You can. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and divide into pieces if needed. It just helps us afford to do what we do here at I think this is a really cool method of cooking pizza on your charcoal grill because it opens the door to making things like thick crust pizza, deep dish pizza, stuffed crust pizza, and other “thick” pizza dishes. I think this is a better long term method of making your pizza on a grill since the pan will likely last longer and you can use it for other things as well. If not, what works for you? Kind of like the the cast iron pizza pan from above, but even more “campfire style” is the pizza skillet. The top of the dough should be pale but set and probably bubbling. The “fence” is not necessary, but as you can see from the images below, it keep the coals from directly heating the bottom of the pizza. While this is a nice fix, and it seems to work now, it's another (4) part(s) you have to keep track of. Preheat your skillet over your Weber coal grill, Season the skillet with olive oil or other nonstick grease. Once your coals are lit and your wood is on top of that, you can put the KettlePizza unit on top, then the lid on top of that. Your email address will not be published. Did you try this recipe? Homemade pizza tends to be a summer specialty at our house because I like to make pizza outside on the grill. Did you know you can make grilled pizza on a charcoal grill? OnlyFire doesn't seem to sell as well as the other two brands on this page. The cool thing about KettlePizza that other brands don't have is a set of handles. Your email address will not be published. Topped off with onion strings. Remove pizza and tray from heat-shielding surface. FoodForNet is part of the Amazon Associates affiliate program, plus other affiliate programs. The stone also sits higher in the oven. Their crusts are chewier, thinner, and crispier. I purchased the standalone unit because I had a stone and peel already, so you can purchase them separately if you want to find a specific brand you like. Nice job. My name is Rick and is just a website about food and drink that I like. Working on the baking sheets or platters, top the crusts with sauce, meats, veggies, and cheeses. Use a grill brush to clean the grate. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look around. This method is very easy to set up, and may change the type o the pizza that you make.