When we are not able to see the light and only perceive darkness, then it indicates our lack of responsiveness and our stubbornness. If we want to look out the window, but do not dare to do so, then it is a sign of uncertainty and fear of the consequences of our own particular action. The spiritual master in dream blessing dream consists of 148 symbols: Master / Blessing / Master / Master / Chair / Sparrow hawk / Castle / Pear tree / Rain / Peacock / Water / Mountain, Rock / Pear tree / Blue / Hawk / Dew / Wand / Gorilla / Sentinel / Dominate, rule, lead, govern, control / Desert / Feast / Chimeras and monsters / Chimeras and monsters / Hair / Feathers / Wind / Earrings / Land / Fruits / … If in our dream the water is clear and clean that plays an important role and it can be interpreted as an announcement of a peaceful period in life, full of spiritual purity. According to ancient dream-lore, any dream concerning a priest is a fortunate one. Dreaming of a revolving chair implies that you envision yourself on an executive position and that you expect to stand out among society. Hearing the rain hit the roof means that spiritual ideas and blessings are coming to you. On the other hand, it indicates you will receive much joy in your home life…. The most common reason for seeing spirits is that you are being visited by one! (1) If in your dream someone is guiding you, it probably means your unconscious is offering assistance to your conscious mind in its quest for self-knowledge. The dreams in which we see ourselves as adults but in the landscape of our childhood will give us information we had forgotten and will facilitate the understanding of tensions and latent complexes. Also in my head this week I keep see that picture of the Master Jesus walking on water, So can youshed any light on this stuff? Dream of watching the rain from a window indicates that ideas and spiritual insights will bring you knowledge. If plowing the land, then we prepare wealth of future. Condition: What’s broken expresses fragmentation, disintegration or mutilation. Dreaming of an eagle flying suggests that you will succeed in whatever you do, but you may be risking yourself too much because your ambitions are exaggerated. Dreaming that you have masters and you like them affection and respect them, may indicate a deserved reward, otherwise, it can be an indicator of brutality and serious troubles…. Anything that happens to such a gathering in the dream may reflect on any of them. The message is clear and enduring: our true spiritual teachers are looking for us, which is why they can always be found. Dreaming you are a master means you’ll reach an elevated position and will enjoy prosperity. In a much higher level jewels acquire the meaning of spiritual truths, symbols of a higher knowledge. If plowing the land, then we prepare wealth of future. On the other hand, it symbolizes the vanity, pride and fragility of appearances. Gold earrings warn us against pride. Dream of seeing or hearing the rain symbolizes forgiveness and tolerance. Dreaming of a master of ceremonies sitting quietly in front of a crowd insinuates that you’ll promptly receive fair compensation for your efforts. Pay attention to what it ‘says’, either in the dream itself or when, in reviewing the dream, you identify with or converse, with the guide. According to Jungians, archetypal figures, such as the wise old man or the priestess that appear in dreams and offer guidance, are not guides from the spirit world but from the depths of your unconscious. The way you communicate with stakeholders and members of your flock largely determines the type of environment and community that you create. If the hawk is flying from left to right that symbolizes an idea, a high-flying project that can transform our lives. If all goes happily omens could not be better. 6. Dreaming of a newborn child reveals a spiritual or mental metamorphosis happening. Tibetan Buddhists call these‘dreams of clarity’ because such dreams go beyond everyday situations and concerns into a space of‘the divine’. When the guide drops even the edge of the mask, the initial effect can be terrifying. Take care and get close to the elderly…. To dream that you have a master denotes your feelings of insufficient and the need for a strong and dear leader by your side to lead you…. The rain means purification of feelings and desire to reach your highest form, goodness. Take care and get close to the elderly…. If you dream of seeing yourself being lost in some kind of the land, then such dream symbolizes how lost you are. 3. Dreaming of several eagle chicks in their nest suggests that you should cultivate various relationships with important people; if you do it quickly, you’ll have different benefits according to the things you want. The holder of this life path number is considered to be a master builder. If instead of looking out the window we are inside the room and we see the window far from us, then such dream shows that we understand the real beauty of the life. You do not recognize your own personality, therefore you feel lost. Learn simple yet powerful techniques originally taught by Paramhansa Yogananda in this 10-week course starting soon. As it happens with all fruit trees, if we dream of it being full of fruit, it symbolizes material abundance and spiritual fruitfulness. Priests, rabbis, popes, cardinals, priestesses, lamas, gurus, yogis, Jedi knights, monks, mullahs, nuns and curates are all symbols of spiritual authority in dreams and in some cases they represent your own spiritual wisdom. Try to feel it in your heart. Such figures may also stand for parental disapproval or advice; perhaps you are yearning for some moral certainties and direction in your waking life. If the hawk is flying from left to right that symbolizes an idea, a high-flying project that can transform our lives. Ananda is a global spiritual movement, based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, who showed how everyone can realize God in their daily lives as a tangible, loving reality. When you are harvesting land, then it shows your wealth will be immediate. The most revered medicine lodge among the Lakota is the Bear Dreamers Society.