Stanley, a flagship brand of Stanley Black & Decker, is one of the most well known, talked about Hand Tool and Power Tool Accessory manufacturers on the planet. © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. For generations, STANLEY® tools have been a part of growing up. The general consensus seems to agree that your toolkit must contain these 5 tools: You now know what essential tools you need, but what else is there? Even the inner of the case is designed to protect your tools to keep them going for as long as possible, not to mention this kit also comes with a lifetime warranty so you'll definitely get your money's worth! - At the very least, you should have a minimum of one Phillips screwdriver and one flathead screwdriver for your DIY needs. Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads. Unless you're only doing the bare minimum amount of work, you may need to purchase additional tools too. These also work if you're low on space and need something as compact as possible. mybest connects people with the best things. Unruly patches of long grass can ruin the look of a lawn, so you'll want to have a decent lawnmower on hand to keep it looking neat and trim. Select Your Cookie Preferences. Our buyer’s guide will help you decide, and our product comparison will give you options from Amazon to Argos so you can find the perfect kit. Whether you need an extending cutter with pole for hard to reach hedges, or one to tackle tougher tasks, we've ranked the top 10 best in the UK. This may sound like a lot, but a large portion of this total will actually come from various screwdriver bits and attachments! There are also many additional items you won't find in many other toolkits, such as a hacksaw, as well as small details such as supplying both insulating and PTFE tape. Additionally, if you’re planning larger projects such as renovating the kitchen, you might need to consider a tool kit that suits your specific needs. It also comes in a heavy-duty fabric tool bag with enough space for any additional tools you might have as well. This particular kit comes with all the essentials, plus an extra plastic storage box filled with any nails and fixtures you might need for shelves, furniture, or any other projects you're planning. For example, some tool kits are specialised for mechanics and contain tools such as wrenches, whereas some are made for woodworking and contain tools such as saws and sanders, so check the contents if there's something your project requires. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Rather than calling up your friend to lend you that hammer, it’s a lot easier to already have a toolbox waiting for you in the shed or garage. Their superior quality will last a lifetime to help you work better, smarter and faster. From taking up those annoyingly-long curtains to revamping some furniture or clothes, our guides can help. 145-Piece Home Tool Set With Hammer Drill, The Fully-Capable Tool Kit for Small and Large Jobs Alike, High-Quality Pro Tools With a Lifetime Guarantee, High-Quality Tools Without Sacrificing Style or Cost, Everything You Need for DIY in the Home, Office and Garage, The Complete Screwdriver and Wrench Repair Kit, A Budget-Friendly Buy for Occasional Jobs. This tool kit is comprehensive and contains all of the recommended essentials from our buying guide, as well as the addition of a wrench, scissors, and a set of Allen keys for all your flat-pack furniture-building needs. There's no need to worry though, as this article will bring you a concise yet detailed explanation of everything you should consider while shopping. The downside, of course, is that their shape is much bulkier, and they may be less protective of your tools. It looks like we’re going to be spending a lot of the remaining year indoors looking out at our garden hedges, so you’d be doing yourself a favour by trimming them! We have found some affordable pumpkin carving kits, some with the basic tools and some with a wide range of tools to get the best design out of your pumpkins. This is ideal for doing light work around the house but it's not recommended for those needing to do a bit more as the quality is not up to par for heavier duty work. Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads. This cheap and cheerful set is great for occasional jobs around the house and comes in a sturdy plastic box, however, the quality of each item seems to vary so you may need to replace a few pieces along the line. We compare sandpapers from trusted brands such as 3M and Harris to save you time and money. Read on for our top 10 ranking sandpapers for wood to buy online in the UK on Amazon and eBay! Shannon's Top 10 Must-Have Accessories for Curly Hair. Try again. Even though this tool kit only contains 25 pieces, this set is more than comprehensive, providing you with high-quality screwdrivers, pliers and more. However, one thing to note is that plastic cases usually have moulded sections for each tool, which doesn't allow for any extras you may purchase. This compact and easy-to-use tool kit not only comes with all the essential hand tools, but additional extras such as a power hammer drill, plenty of fixtures and screwdriver bits, a Stanley knife and a wrench, all in a sturdy plastic storage case. If you'd like some pumpkin carving ideas or stencils, you're sure to love the products that we've selected for you. Still unsure of which one to go for? You may have to top up your kit with extra tools as this one doesn't contain essentials such as a hammer, pliers or a measuring tape. Before you start sanding, it is important to compare the various abrasives available on the market to avoid wasting your time or ending up with an undesirable, lacklustre finish.In this article we aim to help you determine the ideal grade, grain and grit for a successful woodworking project. But if you’re in the market for one, it can be overwhelming as there are so many to look at – just how many screwdrivers does one kit need? Choosing a tool kit from a reliable brand like Stanley, you are guaranteed great quality tools. Do you need a beginners 30 piece set or a 300 piece set with a drill and power tools? Top 10 Best Tool Kits in the UK 2020 (Stanley, Ikea and More) Top 10 Best Tool Kits in the UK 2020 (Stanley, Ikea and More) Whether you're a homeowner or you live in a rented flat, having a handy tool kit or tool set is crucial for any repairs or renovations you may need to do at home, or even on your car or bike.