Brought my Tefel pans at Briscoe in NZ. I was expecting the pot would wobble with the detachable handles but it was having very strong and firm grip on all the pots. (Two other Tefal items of cookware are not giving me any concern at this point - saucepan and frying pan - but I can't help now feeling dubious and nervous about the entire range.) What happen to this tefal, they use to have 1 of the best products in the market now they have gone greedy.Don't buy anything TEFAL please. love the stackable pots & pans the removable handle. I bought a set Tefal Illico, when cooking a black mass is made inside the pot and it is leaking into food. The lid no longer looks nice. the pan was to heavy, the rubber stopped the metal handle from wearing away the non stick coating which really helped but all in all I’m loving the smart design of everything hands down a great set would definitely purchase. I can't help thinking I should have chosen Swiss Diamond. Write a review on! It is so versatile. Massive sale 60% off. Today as I passed by the oven, the outer glass shattered into pieces suddenly. Ask or answer below, and help each other buy better. Still as good as new. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. the wife shows them off to all off her friends each time they come over . Purchased in September 2019 at DFO Morrabin for A$80.00. I have always cleaned them by soaking in warm water and wiping clean with a cloth. Took it out of the box and it didnt work. Also due to its thick base it is rather heavy. I loved the tefal ingenio cookware, it was so easy to move handles from pot to pan and my child couldn’t pull the pan as I was able to remove the handle when I was cooking. )I have always used this wok on low temperatures on the gas top,...Read more. If food begins to "stick" to the pan this is usually a sign that the non-stick properties have been weakened due to the pan having been overheated; not conditioned regularly; food has been burnt in the pan or there is a build up of food residues in the pan. stick technology makes them easy to clean . It was easy storing as they all just sat one in the other with the handles poking We also made a minestrone soup and with the leftovers put the lid on a popped it in the fridge. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Tried twice. Picking up and tilting the pan with one hand can take up a fair amount of effort...having said that the weight does allow it to sit on the hob quite happily without sliding around or needing to hold it. Attached is a picture of the actual 30cm item. Best of all you can transfer straight to the table . This is obviously not a problem if you're cooking vegetables, but it is a problem if you're cooking rice (for example). They I cooked a few dishes, on the smaller pan, it was just omelettes Not once did it change colour -except to turn black.This is the WORST cookware i have ever used.It is a COMPLETE AND UTTER WASTE OF MONEY. It is fantastic. M...Read more, Just a little over two years ago (I made my purchase on 11/6/14), I bought a Tefal - Jamie Oliver Anodised Induction Wok w/Lid 32cm. Error 24 is often a user or recipe issue rather than the machine, although you do get duds in any brand. The non-stick surface was amazing, I didn't have to use a lot of oil. I called Tefal and they called the lid an accessory and there’s nothing they could do. It has been good to use. NOOOOOOOOOT~!!!!! It's quite difficult to describe, but there is a narrow gap between the glass of the lid and its steel rim. 1 of the pans I have only used a maximum of 10 times. No one could have been more careful in using this cookware. Awesome pots and pans that easily go from stove top to oven with ease because the handle is detachable. Did you ever receive an answer to your question? I am really disappointed with how slow they take to reach any form of boiling point on my Miele induction hob. I have always carefully used and cleaned all the pans. The lid to their wok has a metallic coloured band around the inside. NOOOOOOOOOT~!!!! Keen for an answer. Top quality as to be expected from Tefal, nice large size my go to bacon pan :) Works a treat with my new induction hob and nothing to complain about. Scanpan set just had to be thrown out in 18 months. Even with oil cooking things like skin on chicken breast it stuck in half the pan. I Really liked the tefal ingenio cookware set , They are very smart and unique , liked how they come with detachable handles makes it easy for storage. However, this can be a tricky feat if your mum hasn’t told you what kind of gift she’d be happy with. The gap is also so narrow that it is almost impossible to get a sponge into there to clean it properly. Massive sale 60% off. i have referred Try again. I was not using it at all. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 November 2017. Dont bother contacting customer service, they are completely unhelpful. I am looking for the Competition Answer.I have to be Specific.Sorry You can't help meThanks anywayHilary, Hi Hilary,Thank you for your question regarding the Tefal Pro Selection Frypans.We are unable to compare ourselves directly with our competitors – there are many factors that influence how long a pan lasts from how it is used to how it is manufactured. I liked the none The handles on the lids are comfortable to use. To compound the error, the picture provided appears to be not of the 30cm pan, it is of one of the smaller pans from the same range, hence the sides look deeper on the picture than they actually are. a great surprise, as I was put the pots directly into the fridge if there were some left-overs. Naturally I assumed this was supposed to be the depth of the pan, but it turns out that's the height to the highest part of the handle from the surface you stand the pan on. I used the pot to bake the potatoes in the oven and grill the chicken wings. I loved the handle feature, packing the very easy to clean. Don't buy TEFAL brand. They would have to be at least 10 times slower than my other conventional Kuhn Rikon cookware. I love how it stacks together taking up so little room. Highly recommend to everyone you won’t regret the purchase!!!!!! Rounding it all off, its space-saving, stackable design ensures for easy storage in your cupboards. The lid to their wok has a metallic coloured band around the inside. Any left over food can be transferred straight to the fridge.Even though they are a bit pricey they are well worth it . This gap retains the evaporated steam as water, which then falls back into your food when you open the lid. All Rights Reserved. See all details for Tefal 5 Piece, Comfort Max, Stainless Steel, Pots and Pans, Induction... © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Wont accept responsibility for tgeir product malfunctioning. Sorry to hear of your disappointment. Tefal 5 Piece, Comfort Max, Stainless Steel, Pots and Pans, Induction... Tefal 5 Piece, Comfort Max, Stainless Steel, Pots and Pans, Induction Set. They are just an overseas call centre. Seriously, not only are their products faulty, for a big company, their customer service is appalling - they just don't care. When placed on my kitchen bench the condensation dripped onto my bench and left a grey stain.