How To Curate Content That Leads To Brand Loyalty. Social media adds a new dimension to your omni channel customer service Today’s customers choose social media as the main source to interact with a brand as they get instant attention. Research says that 42% of consumers expect a response on social media within 60 minutes. Is it worth your time? We get to decide how we educate ourselves and restore our time. If people are unaware of your business, they won’t buy your products or be interested in your service. As an added bonus, any of your followers using the application at that moment receive a notification of the Live video, encouraging them to watch. Get a glimpse of how to use Facebook’s marketing resources to your business’s advantage. Social media allows your brand to reach new audiences and attract new potential customers. Whether it's choosing an image for organic social, paid advertising or your native e-commerce website, data-driven insights are necessary to optimize for conversions and create meaningful relationships with consumers. However, although social media marketing has an enormous potential, many still don’t quite understand how to take advantage of social media and increase sales and brand awareness. Create a game like “fan pick Friday” and collect weekly submissions of customers using and celebrating your product or service, choose your favorite and post it to the company page. Similarly, you can also use the Freedom App to block distracting websites and apps (such as social media) for specific periods of the day. People turn to social media when they want to compliment a product or a service; the more they talk about your brand, the more new users will want to learn about you and follow your updates. What makes you different from them? Find out how to syndicate your content with B2C, Festive Marketing Ideas You Need To Try This Year, How to Start a Successful Pinterest Business Page, Marketing Tips You Need to Know From Parks and Recreation, Image: How to Write Acknowledgement Email Replies (With Samples). So much wisdom and useful knowledge are being created on Twitter, blogs, and newsletters. Social media is the most direct form of business to consumer communication, and with so many users online, why not take advantage of these free … Plus, enjoy a FREE 1-year. Image: How Do I Add My Business to Google Maps? It’s also useful to keep an eye on your competition so you can clearly differentiate yourself. Social media allows you to monitor user comments, gainvaluable insights into your customers' behavior, measure conversions based on your promoted posts, see what content attracts your audience, which content generates the most interests, and more. Celebrities can now view and respond easily to their fans on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and even Facebook. As noted by Reid Hoffman, co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn, the ability to leverage relationships embodied in social networks will become … In other words: the ability to control our minds starts with us. At JotForm, this has become one of the core tenets of how I want to run my business. The power of social media lies in communication. There was a time in the digital world when marketing was merely confined to website building and pondering information over the first ten pages of Share testimonials from happy customers! Here are the the top nine reasons why it's imperative for businesses to be on social media, and how it can help ensure your brand’s success. Read Julie Meredith's full executive profile here. For instance, a free tool like Mailbrew helps you receive all the tweets or newsletters you don't want to miss in your inbox at a time YOU decide. Discover a better way to hire freelancers. Every blog post, image, video, and comment can lead to a site visit and eventually a conversion. By knowing more about them, you can notice ways you serve consumers differently and point it out to them. If you don’t get value from Twitter you’re using it wrong. How can you encourage user-generated content? It’s your call. The styles of photos and videos that performed with your audience last month likely won't garner the same engagement the next. Some clear their throats, while others stumble with words or offer half-smiles in response. When asking yourself, “what should my website be about?” remember, it is not about YOU. Authentically weaving your community into your brand story is an art, and it is how brands can set themselves apart in today's digital landscape. Read Julie Meredith's full executive profile here. As little as 6 hours per week invested in social media marketing increased traffic for more than 84% of participants (Social Media Examiner sixth annual report). No matter your product or service (although it should be good), there will always be unhappy customers. What are you doing in regards to community involvement? Related: 9 Ways to Rewire Your Brain for Creativity. Even better, use a pinned post to highlight a landing page on your website that’s relevant to the page. Social media allows them to communicate on their own time, when it is appropriate for both parties. As social media outgrows traditional media, and women users outnumber men, Blakley explains what changes are in store for the future of media. But perhaps Glaveski puts it best: “By being more intentional about our relationship with technology, we can cultivate a work environment in which we are not only more productive, but also more fulfilled and actualized versions of ourselves.”, Related: As TikTok Teeters, These 3 Social Networks Are Ready to Pounce. How you respond to the customer is imperative to your business’ online success and long standing reputation. Take Twitter. A UK study from Trinity Mirror Solutions found that more than half of adults do not trust a... 3. With a strong call to action stated throughout your social media updates, you can direct your viewers to go just about anywhere – including your website and/or brick and mortar store (if applicable). Allowing our every minute to get sucked into a never ending loop of distraction is simply unhealthy. Expertise from Forbes Councils members, operated under license. Brand loyalty and top-of-mind awareness are long-term growth metrics that separate the industry leaders from the rest of the pack. By the end, I felt both drained and demoralized. Think of Hollywood, elite sports players or even politicians. Many companies are not leveraging the power of social media to the best of their capabilities. The various methods that may be utilized by today’s businesses through social media include posting relevant content on forums and blogs, sharing business-related photographs and other types of images, posting audio-based clips, sharing videos, sharing and exchanging links, and creating brand-building profiles on networking websites that permit for the regular posting of updates. The key concern of many customers today is the customer service. This article originally appeared on Three Girls Media and has been republished with permission.Find out how to syndicate your content with B2C, Rilee holds a B.A in Public Relations with a specialization in Event Management from Central Washington University. Meaning: the change starts at the level of leadership. To take your social media strategy a step further, you can compare your performance against the industry standard. Fuelling the aforesaid need of entrepreneurs to know more and find more leading them to the discovery of new and creative ideas, social media is a tool that is not only easy to use but also cost efficient. The Undeniable Importance of Social Media Marketing For A Business, Image credit: It should be completed prior to a crisis happening so the business is prepared to use it to combat and rectify the events that have unfolded.”. Let them see how you’re giving back to your community by supporting other local organizations. Traditional or digital success comes from understanding and delivering the best quality customer service possible, and doing everything in your power to ensure your customers have the best possible experience with your company. Rather than spend our time blaming social media for all of society’s ills, it’s on us to disrupt this cycle and find a responsible way to reclaim our attention. Technology doesn't harm, but your uneducated relationship with tech does. The acquisition of quality backlinks (that offer SEO boost as well as, hopefully, an increase in referral visitors). The site has been an excellent resource for inspiration and for finding other entrepreneurs from around the world who share their insights, tools, and strategies. While some loved it, many criticized the docudrama for showing technology as if it's a completely bad thing. Several studies have shown that social media has a 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.