Socrates was killed in 399 BC, and Plato began his work by writing down what Socrates had taught. The three great Socratic philosophers, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, were to be "rediscovered" during the Renaissance and their rational, practical, and scientific ideas were to influence the thinking and the governmental, religious, and educational institutions of the entire western world. In the years after Plato and Aristotle died, in the 200's BC, three famous kinds of philosophy started up in the schools that Plato and Aristotle had started. He regarded the world as the perfect harmony and based his teaching on how to lead a harmonious life. Greek philosophers were "seekers and lovers of wisdom". in Stagira, a small town on the northern coast of Greece that was once a seaport. In fact, he is best known for the theorem in geometry that is named after him. Ancient Greeks also contributed their architectural and artful ideas to the Western world. They studied and analyzed the world around them using logic and reason. They all were the founders of western philosophy. The Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans are the bedrock of western culture. This is the time of the evolution of city-states for ancient Greece, and the beginnings ... Modern day militaries use ancient Greek strategies. A major contribution of the ancient Greeks was the emergence of some of history's greatest philosophers. At a time when human knowledge was still far too generalized, he broke down this knowledge into distinct categories such as ethics, biology, mathematics, and physics – a classification pattern still used today. But while Socrates was relentlessly occupied with interpreting philosophy based on human reasoning, Plato combined the two major approaches of pre-Socratic metaphysics and natural theology with Socratic ethical theology. All Rights Reserved. Socrates was the first to interrogate the world around us. He later was charged with "corrupting the young," and later executed. This page was last modified on 25 March 2012, at 14:30. Thales of Miletus 2. Empedocles 9 and 10. Greek Philosophy focused on the role of reason and inquiry. Socrates came first, and Plato was his student. History >> Ancient Greece. He calculated the circumsference of the earth and was wrong by a margin 0.5. Plato (427-348 BC), a student of Socrates, wrote down the work and ideas of Socrates on paper. In ancient Greece, drama was a form of literature. His noted student was Plato who was devouted to his teacher and was deeply affected when his teacher was murdered. He created the first world image of an open universe, a move away from the notion of a closed universe, making him the first speculative astronomer in human history. He focused on the nature of things around us and what things really meant. The farcical errors committed in grammar, syntax, and punctuation demonstrated in his comment alone, prove how atrocious an article from him would be. One of his philosophical landmarks has been his assertion of the four-element theory of … But one might argue that his philosophical martyrdom, more than anything else, turned him into the iconic figure that he is today. ... Before 1870, no one guessed that great civilizations had flourished in the Greek area before the rise of Athens in the seventh century. Another pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, Pythagoras is known far more for his theories and ideas in mathematics than in philosophy. ... One of the most important ancient faiths, characterized by its great impact in the western civilizations is the Ancient Greek Worship. In a word…Bureaucracy! As was the case with most of the philosophers in ancient Greece, his ideas contrasted and collided with contemporary ideologies and beliefs and this led him to face life-threatening consequences. There were many famous figures from Ancient Greece. Aristotle and many more. Among the pre-Socratic philosophers (those who were in the limelight before the time of Socrates), he is seen as one of the most significant ones. The ancient Greek civilization ranged from 1900- 133 BC, however its impact on the Western world lasts to this day. "Plato: The Man and His Work". Plato founded the Academy and came up with a new form of literature, dialogues and speech. I’d give you a pat on the back and a hearty “Well Done,” my boy. Don’t be discouraged by the jealousy of the alleged professor. Socrates thought enjoying life was the most important thing, and taught his students to us rational thinking, and rational understanding to revive knowledge. I love philosophy. One of the greatest philosophers was Socrates (469-399BC. But he was indeed one of the greatest minds in ancient Greece. How have the three famous Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristole influenced the world today? Ancient Greek philosophy began in Miletus with the pre-Socratic philosopher Thales and lasted through Late Antiquity.Some of the most famous and influential philosophers of all time were from the ancient Greek world, including Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Numerous problems present themselves in reconstructing the life of women in ancient Greece. ... (Burket) It is important to notice the vision Greeks had about this polytheistic faith. He is hailed among historians as the father of ancient Greek philosophy. and were the years noted for the rising and falling of the Greek city-states. “Plato” 13. ... As a result of their union Gaea bore three Cyclopes and 12 titans. He is one of the most familiar names in pre-Socratic society, yet we know surprisingly little about him. But he was indeed one of the greatest minds in ancient Greece. Much of his work remains truncated, especially at the hands of subsequent generations of philosophers. High marks, indeed! ... Alexander was also a great warrior. "- Anaximenes 4. ), a citizen of Athens, who believed that people should inquire and examine everything in life. Eventually, his beliefs and realistic approach to philosophy led to his execution. Am a philosophy student of deltastate university abraka,NIGERIA.Now I know that thales of miletus is the most significant philosopher,I thought it was socrate,thank you for helping me out,God bless,saugat, socrates is the greatest philosopher till date,his wisdom and philosophical thought are unimaginable. These three fields of art include many of the ancient Greeks' ideas. [[4]], Pearson, Anne. The reason? Plato was a student of Socrates and was visibly influenced by the philosophical approach of his master. The ancient Greek philosophers brought a refreshing new approach to this contemporary philosophical paradigm. His major contribution was to question the ethical conduct. Thales is also said to be the founder of the school of natural philosophy. ... Three great tragic playwrights were Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. In ancient Greece, philosophers had a special place and were considered influential people. The Hellenistic period brought out the the best of artists, athletes, scientists and other great thinkers. One of the greatest philosophers was Socrates (469-399BC. Pythagoras, 5. There were three great tragic playwrights ancient Athens; Aeschylus, Euripides, and Sophocles. Parmenides 7. Instead of regurgitating ideas based solely on his individual interpretations, he would question people relentlessly on their beliefs, and try to find definitions of virtues by conversing with anyone proclaiming to possess such qualities. "The Quotations Page" 1997. Thales was highly esteemed among ancient Greeks and his hypotheses usually added meaning and breadth to already existing ideas on nature. Obviously, we realize that it’s subjective. His teachings were not strictly confined to what we know as philosophy, but also included common issues like rules on living, what daily food to eat and so on. So, my choice does not represents others. "Plato". Leucippus and Democritus 11. Socrates 12. The majority of contemporary arguments on his paradoxes were on the infinite division of time and space, such as if there is a distance, there is also half that distance and so on. Empedocles and Thales are accomplished authors, I’ve discovered from here-and I’m grateful to learn of their achievements. 2007. -SOCRATES, "Human behavior flows from three main sources; desire, emotion, and knowledge. 2004 He strongly influenced Plato and Aristotle, who were also great and influential philosophers. It states that all matter is basically composed of four primary elements – earth, air, fire, and water. His interpretation of things was more based on facts learnt from the experience people would gain in their lives, an approach that differed from that of his master who preferred a perspective that was beyond the accessibility of the physical senses.