Being a the typical drinker of Perrier and Pellegrino, I was happily surprised by this product! Coca-Cola will enter the alcohol category in Europe with the launch of Topo Chico Hard Seltzer in select markets next month. Naturally, it will be sold in mixed 12-packs, which has been the most popular format for hard seltzer ever since the likes of White Claw set the boundaries on this genre. Indeed, Coca-Cola vice president Dan White echoed those sentiments in today’s announcement, saying that the relationship with Molson Coors “allows Topo Chico Hard Seltzer to launch with scale, at an accelerated pace, delivering a product that consumers will love.”. Known for aggressive carbonation, it might be able to stake out a unique niche of the hard seltzer market if it keeps that trademark aspect of its overall approach. In July, when Coca-Cola All Rights Reserved. Just scroll through the reviews, and you’ll find people who swear they only drink Topo Chico having eschewed all other beverages. That texture enhances all these other flavors. The new product is currently available in select cities in Latin America. “I was born in Monterrey, which is where Topo Chico is made. Topo Gives Thanks is a curated playlist of new and known artists that love Topo Chico! World-beating secondary packaging... for every need. Related tags: hard seltzer, Coca-cola, Coca-cola european partners, coca … Many cite the intense bubbles as the main reason behind their addiction, but the iconic, throwback packaging doesn’t hurt either. The hard seltzer will first launch in markets where Topo Chico already has a strong presence. While many challenges still lie ahead, our progress in the quarter gives me confidence we are on the right path. Molson Coors acquired a minority stake in L.A. Libations at the end of last year. © 2007-2020 Garden & Gun Magazine LLC. “I think this is going to be a great opportunity for us,” he said, noting that the company’s goal is to drive consumer-centric brands at scale. [Topo Chico] actually helped me kick a daily soda habit. Coca-Cola and Molson Coors will bring Topo Chico Hard Seltzer to the U.S. in 2021. Sipping Topo Chico is a good way to cleanse the palate before and after drinking a strong coffee. Topo Chico is a brand of sparkling mineral water.. Topo Chico has been sourced from and bottled in Monterrey, Mexico since 1895. Coca-Cola says that the timings is more a matter of practicalities, with its key ambition to scale up the brand across multiple markets as quickly as possible. var aTags = gptValue.split(','); Topo Chico is highly carbonated, offers huge, high-density bubbles that are, nonetheless, less aggressive than expected. In the United States, the company entered into an agreement with Molson Coors Beverage Company to manufacture, market, and distribute the product. Sourced from a spring that bubbles out of an inactive volcano in northeastern Mexico, it comes in throwback glass bottles that are catnip for tastemakers at hotels and bars across the country. Free newsletter Topo Chico is often the finishing fizz in cocktails at the hippest bars in Austin and the sidecar to espresso drinks at indie coffee shops in Dallas. Topo Chico is just sparkling water, but it has a loyal, almost obsessive, following these days. ​​, With Europe and particularly the UK generally following US trends, hard seltzer brands hope they can see the same meteoric success in Europe as in the US.​​. Businesswire reports that Coca-Cola's third-quarter 2020 revenue was down 9% (to $8.7 billion), while non-GAAP organic revenues were down 6%. One example of this is the acquisition of Costa coffee: which can be consumed during a number of occasions​​ throughout the day, at home or on the go. James Quincey, chairman, and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company is explaining the product reduction as a natural consequence of an unprecedented year of struggle: "Throughout this year's crisis, our system has remained focused on its beverages for life strategy," Quincey said. Even if it’s a simple vodka soda, [Topo Chico] is going to make it a better vodka soda. - Last updated on And, like nearly every other hard seltzer on the market, it will be packaged in slim cans and sold in a variety 12-packs. An image of the new product indicates that it will be gluten-free, check in at 4.7% ABV and contain just two grams of sugar. Copyright 2020 And it will be doing so via—what else—hard seltzer. Crisp, clean and not at all "bitter" like the others. dataLayer.push(dataLayerNews); “Twist of Grapefruit” is the newest flavor of the Topo Chico line! All rights reserved. For relief, natives and pretenders reach for an ice-cold Topo Chico, a Mexican sparkling water with an effervescence as aggressive as the summer heat is oppressive. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2020: Who Is Red Titan? SAM God, I miss it. var vOut=""; It just tastes like Austin summer to me. It is vibrant and tingly and quenches thirst better than any other liquid I have ever consumed. I probably drink three or four a day. …the bubbles tickle your nose as you drink, and can settle any upset stomach, or bring a buzzy satisfaction with each sip. In an email, a Coca-Cola representative said that “Topo Chico Hard Seltzer will not be carried on Coca-Cola trucks.”, “The U.S. alcoholic beverage industry is highly regulated, with thousands of laws governing the manufacturing, distribution, responsible marketing and sale of alcoholic beverages,” the spokesperson wrote. 8. Under that arrangement, a 50/50 joint venture, Molson Coors will produce Yuengling’s beers and distribute them to 25 U.S. states. In Europe, the 4.7% ABV hard seltzer brand will be available in 330ml sleek aluminium cans in three flavors: Tangy Lemon Lime, Tropical Mango and Cherry Acai. analyst Kaumil Gajrawala. I previously spent nearly a decade as the driving force behind Brewbound, a leading online beer business trade publication. Its presentation in glass radiates elegance and freshness in each bottle. The supreme effervescence influenced a lot on my first record. Temporary to Semi-Permanent Buildings and Canopies, Food safety metal detector for brand protection, Sign up to our free newsletter and get the latest news sent direct to your inbox, Carbohydrates and fibres (sugar, starches). vOut += aTags[i].trim().replace(reg, '-').substring(0,40); Topo Chico has such a refreshing effervescence. Pic: Coca-Cola. Molson Coors already competes in the hard seltzer segment, most notably with its antioxidant-infused offering called Vizzy and the recently introduced Coors Seltzer. I’ve always said that Topo Chico, not blood, runs through my veins in the summer. by Julie Halpin. The introduction of an alcoholic hard seltzer, therefore, widens these opportunities to tap into different occasions even further. Together with our significant progress in rolling out Costa Coffee, we can genuinely claim to offer a beverage for every occasion around the clock.”​, Copyright - Unless otherwise stated all contents of this web site are © 2020 - William Reed Business Media Ltd - All Rights Reserved - Full details for the use of materials on this site can be found in the Terms & Conditions, Related topics: function sanitize_gpt_value2(gptValue) [Topo Chico] rips your throat up in just the right way. Coca-Cola Plans To Discontinue 200 Drink Brands, About Half of Its Total, Listen To Stan Lee Drop A Bunch Of F-Bombs In New Recording, The Goonies Cast Reuniting for Charity Event, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: New Floats and Balloons for 2020. …now that "Mexico's Best-Kept Secret" is out of the bag, we recommend that you first try it on its own — that's where the addiction starts.