The western end of the street has been encroached by a number of shop owners and small restaurants. Enjoy tea or coffee at 6:30 pm. Bangalore International Airport is located around 350 kilometers away from Hampi. The protruding eyes and the facial expression are the basis for this name. Lunch. It was also a market where cows and horses were traded. The sides of the platform are also engraved with elaborate carvings of merchants, ..... At a distance of 100m from Mahanavami Dibba and 3.5 km from Hampi Bus Stand, The Stepped tank is located in Durbar Area in Royal enclosure of Hampi. The Hampi Bazaar still functions as a market place, though it is no longer as attractive as it was. At 7:00 AM breakfast will be provided. Constructed by Ukka and Harihara in the 14th century, Hampi is noted for its holy temples, wonderful palaces, colossal forts, large pavilions and stables of royal elephants. At the rear of ..... At a distance of 9 km (or 2.3 km by walk) from Hampi Bus Stand and 5.5 km from Kamalapura Bus Stand, Vittala Temple is an ancient monument located on the southern bank of the Tungabhadra River. Probably this was designed to prevent people from entering the area when the royals were bathing.The Queen's Bath is an empty ..... At a distance of 3.5 km from Hampi Bus Stand, Mahanavami Dibba or The House of Victory is a beautiful stone platform situated inside the Royal Enclosure of Hampi. The giant Ganesha statue is 4.6 m (15 feet) tall and was carved out of a single boulder. Hampi is well-connected to all nearby cities including Bangalore via KSRTC bus services. This is the largest palace base excavated in the Hampi ruins so far. Afterwards, relax and retire for the night. Kindly give us your requirement and our travel expert will help you to plan your tour. Accomodation. So shutdown your laptops for a weekend and trip to a new destination. Enjoy the pleasant ambiance prevailing in the location. The trikuta Shiva temples on ..... Hampi Bazaar is located beside the Hampi Bus Stand and located in front of the Virupaksha temple. The structures of the Zenana Enclosure are designed in the Indo-Islamic style of architecture. It was built around 15th century AD during the reign of King Devaraya II (1422 - 1446 AD). At a distance of 1 km from Kamalapur Bus Stand and 3 km from Hampi Bus Stand, Queen's Bath is located close at the entrance of the Royal Enclosure in Hampi.The Queen's Bath is believed to be constructed by Achyuta Raya for the women of the royal family of Vijayanagara. It is one of the very few structures not suffered the damage during Deccan Sultanate attack on Hampi and is a major attraction among the tourists.This is a beautiful example of Indo-Islamic architecture. For Inbound Tours: •Age limit: Open for all. Shaped like a lotus flower from the top, the archways of the structure resemble petals of a lotus and provide the whole structure the shape of a half-open lotus. Hospet is well-connected to Bangalore and other major cities in Karnataka. We are working on your enquiry and will get back to you with best prices. •Registration fee will not be refunded. Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 10 for Indians, $ 5 for Foreigners, and Rs. These are referred as Jain Temples, but many of these temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva.Two of the temples have inscriptions noting their origin. •Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded. Your request is submitted successfully. These temples are built in pre-Vijayanagara and Vijayanagara periods (9th to 14th century AD). The carvings at the lower portion of the Dasara Dibba are the most fascinating. An empty pedestal with three holes signifies that the temple once had idols of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita.Hazara ..... At a distance of 3 km from Hampi Bus Stand, Vira Harihara Palace is an ancient structure located within the fortified area of the Royal Enclosure, south of Hazara Rama Temple in Hampi. The elephants were tied to these hooks from the center of the ceiling. It was once a place where merchants used to sell precious stones, jewellery, silk clothes, etc. It is one of the largest and the most famous structures in Hampi. •People are participating at their own risk. Day 3 – Visited few places in the morning and drove back to Bangalore – Road Trip: Bangalore To Hampi – We intended to start by 4 AM but by the time we were up and ready it was around 8:30 AM, so we got a little traffic on the way. Straight to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter here. One of the pillars has a carving depicting naughty infant Krishna hiding ..... At a distance of 400 m from Hampi Bus Stand, Sri Virupaksha temple, the most famous and important temple of Hampi, is located at the western end of Hampi Bazaar in Hampi. 25 for Video cam, No itineraries found for the selected filters, Please provide below quick details to receive best quote for your upcoming trip, Need transportation from my Starting City. Spread over an area of 59,000 square meters, it is believed to have once housed over 45 buildings, all used by the royal family. This temple is also called Pampapathi temple. Krishna temple is one of the important temples in Hampi and also among the Group of Monuments which is currently listed as a part of the World Heritage Monuments by the UNESCO.According to the history, Bala Krishna Temple was built by Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara Empire in 1513 AD. (Indian nationals visiting within India), From Bangalore: 341 kilometers / 5 h ,38 m. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi, the erstwhile city of ruins, is one of the major historical places of South India. This trip demands considerable trekking / walking, Rs.10 for Indians and Rs.250 for foreigners, Rs. It is a rectangular building and is surrounded by ornate balconies, each having a set of three windows. Sports shoes or trekking shoes in good condition. Transportation (from/to Bangalore). Note: Trip starts on the previous night of the selected date. Dinner. Once upon a time, it was the royal capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. These buildings were once the part of a booming market and houses of the upper class merchants. Each of the domes was decorated with ornate plaster on the interior as well as the exterior.Metal hooks on the inside roof can be seen. Day 0 – Night Before Selected Date Pick up from Bangalore at 8 pm on 21st July. Be the first to review “2 Day Trip to Hampi from Bangalore”. Breakfast on Day 1 & Day 2. Please wait... the places of interest are being loaded, Your account is activated successfully. The water to this tank was drawn through the intelligently designed stone channels which are well preserved till date. Built in Indo-Islamic style, the Queen's Bath is an elaborate structure with a simple exterior and an ornate interior. It is a ruined structure whose remnants can be spotted on the western side of the Mahanavami Dibba or Dasara Dibba.The King's Audience Hall was built during the time of the Vijayanagara Empire. Day 2 – Visited all the attractions mentioned below in Hampi. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. The arcades are open structures with no doors. The most impressive structure in the Royal Enclosure is the Mahanavami ..... At a distance of 3.5 km from Hampi Bus Stand and 2 km from Kamalapur Bus Stand, The King's Audience hall, also known as Durbar Hall is located inside the Royal Enclosure at Hampi. The town is home to as many as 500+ monuments, each of which has its own story to tell. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. (Foreign nationals including NRI visiting India), For Outbound Tours: Narayanpet, Bandi Harlapur-P.O., Via Munirabad-R-S, Koppal District, Near Stone Bridge Cross,Sanapur, Anegundi Gangavati. The central dome is carved in the shape of a lotus bud. It is believed that ..... At a distance of 500 m from Hazara Rama Temple, 3.5 km from Hampi Bus Stand and 2 km from Kamalapur Bus Stand, Lotus Mahal is situated within Zenana Enclosure, a secluded area reserved for the royal ladies of the Vijayanagara Empire. The belly of this statue resembles a Bengal gram (Kadalekalu in Kannada) and hence the statue has been given the name of Kadalekalu Ganesha. The main sanctum is plundered ..... At a distance of 250 m from Hampi Bus Stand, The Kadalekalu Ganesha temple is situated on the slope of the Hemakuta Hill in Hampi.