Plus a little bit expensive than the one I chose. So, energy consumption has become a major part of the modern era. The capacity of the Air conditioner is 1.5 ton which is pretty decent and regular for your home use or office. Carrier doesn’t have that many service centers like Videocon or LG, but it’s one brand you can trust. Relevance. Every intelligent buyer checks out at least a couple of products before finalizing the final one to buy. I stay in a rented house, however, I had to go for split AC as there was no provision for window AC in my living room and I had no choice. Hybridjet Flexi Cool technology for efficient cooling, Annual Energy Consumption: 739.27 Kilowatt Hours. Similar to other air conditioners, this AC to have been made of Copper condenser coil that is much more reliable and durable than any other material. The modern air conditioners that you will see now have Air purifiers as well, that recirculate the air around you filled with harmful particles and gases and provides fresh air to breathe keeping the room cool as well. With improvements in technology, modern day air-conditioners have lot more electronics in it and thus they provide multiple modes of operation. It has good cooling effects but lesser than split AC. If you are asking for an appliance recommendation, please be as specific with your requirements as possible because vague questions like asking for "cheap and best" would get vague replies. Well, if you feel that this may not sound satisfying enough, you can always opt for a stabilizer online itself. Most of these modes are explained in the user manuals that come along with the air conditioners, but it is very important to understand the impact of each mode on electricity savings. I bought this split AC last year in April and it’s still working perfect, the same way it worked on the first day. You never know what might happen in coming days or months. It turned out that there were many leakages in the pipe and the technician could not figure it out properly. This is the most important aspect when taking an AC. Well, it is always better to go for the machine that provides maximum cooling and minimizes the usage of energy in the best way. So, I will share my experience on both. The remote provided with this AC is super cool. But, if it is your own house and if you are going to fix the AC only one time, then better spend some extra money and get the best split AC. With the minimum maintenance issue, this is bound to last long and work seamlessly. These are Voltas, Hitachi, Blue Star, Daikin, and LG. . So, my budget was limited and I had to decide with a reasonable price between Rupees 30k – 35k. In 2018, 11% of the total ACs sold in India are Daikin. Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC. It can’t cook food and wash clothes. eval(ez_write_tag([[970,90],'bijlibachao_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_6',189,'0','0'])); Please use the commenting form below to ask any questions or to make a comment. It has been provided with the exceptional technological advancement to bring the best cooling experience at your home or any other place you wish to install it. This is probably the most important thing to look for when you buy any new electronic or gadget because electronics items are considered to be unpredictable. Don’t worry it is not that difficult. Also please note that we do not reply to emails or comments on social media. My uncle is using Voltas AC for 8 years with only few services. So, I did hours of research before making the final purchase decision. It was ridiculously expensive. Further, it keeps the air clean with the best-in-quality air purifier inside the system. Also, you don’t need an external stabilizer to manage the voltage change, the inbuilt takes care of it. These products may be equally good as the one that I am using. Reason why I dropped to buy: It has crossed my budget limit. Place the outdoor unit of the split AC in open space so that it doesn’t block the fresh air. Read reviews of the products, services, and pros & cons. With the variable-speed compressor, this air conditioner can adjust the power depending on the heat load. You can choose either one of them. This happens more so in case you are located in a city that is closer to the sea. This air conditioner does not need an additional stabilizer to maintain voltage fluctuation because of its low startup voltage. Some people may choose Godrej based on the Indian originality and some people may chose Hitachi because of the brand popularity. The Voltas Adjustable Inverter AC cools even at 52oC with its superior cooling capacity, it cools easily at high temperatures. Since windows ac have compressor unit combined, they tend to be noisy. The more the energy rating would be of an AC, the more energy-efficient it will be in the long run. In fact, the foremost thing you need to have in your mind. It consumes very less energy. As mentioned above, all modern ACs come with the same technologies and they are almost similar in performance. It should be a 5 Star AC. They are little costly but they give better cooling effects. Well, it isn’t a lower-priced machine, but also not a high priced one as well. This air conditioner has been rated 4 stars making it a highly energy-efficient system and looks forward to saving electricity in your households. is one of the highest energy-efficient AC you will find in other brands. On the other hand, the non-inverter AC compressor runs as per the temperature set by you. If you are okay with adding more money to your budget, always go for the best option that provides faster cooling and saves energy.